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In a recent podcast, former Twitch streamer Adin Ross shed light on his permanent ban from the platform, providing more information about the incident. Initially, in late February, Twitch issued the ban without offering a clear explanation, which sparked widespread discussion within the streaming community.Adin Ross responded to the ban by revealing that he had already signed a deal with Kick, indicating that the Twitch ban is not a major concern for him. He also posed a hypothetical question about Twitch’s decision-making process, wondering if he would have been banned if he had blue hair and wore makeup. Notably, a few days before the ban, Adin Ross claimed to have received a threatening phone call from a senior Twitch executive. The executive warned him of an indefinite suspension unless he made significant changes to his content.

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Adin Ross Age Is  22 years old:

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Incident Detail

More recently, controversial streamer Adin Ross appeared on the Full Send Podcast and discussed his suspension from Twitch. According to Adin, he believes that he was suspended because he had a Kick chat box displayed on his stream, which showed offensive slurs typed by viewers. Adin expressed frustration, stating that Twitch rarely bans users solely for the content in their chat boxes, as many people’s chats regularly contain offensive language. He believes that Twitch took action against him because they saw the Kick chat overlay and decided to punish him out of pettiness.Furthermore, Adin highlighted the growing popularity of Kick and its potential to reshape the streaming landscape. He pointed out that notable figures like xQc and Drake have already joined Kick, solidifying its position as a rising platform. Adin expressed that Kick’s competition is not with Rumble, but rather solely with Twitch. He suggested that Rumble and Kick should be on the same page, indicating a shared vision and alignment in their approach.
While only time will tell which streaming platform will reign supreme in the coming years, competition between streaming platforms is currently at its peak. There’s no denying that Twitch remains the leading streaming platform, but the recent migration of prominent streamers from Twitch to platforms like Kick and Rumble has certainly affected its viewership to some extent. Credit must be given to Kick’s representatives, including Trainwreck and Adin Ross, who are actively working to attract more popular streamers. Regardless of which platform ultimately dominates, it is safe to say that increasing competition will drive all streaming platforms to improve and innovate.




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