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Alissa Turney, An Arizona man accused of killing his 17-year-old stepdaughter Alissa Turney is free after a judge acquitted him of all charges based on a lack of evidence in the case.

Michael Turney, 75, breathed a sigh of relief while shocked family members hoping for justice broke down in tears when the ruling came down in the Maricopa County court room on Monday morning after just a week of testimony.

Turney was on trial for second-degree murder charges in the presumed death of his stepdaughter who vanished in May 2001 after she reportedly left a note that she was running away to California. Alissa has never been found.

Prosecutors argued that Turney and Alissa have a turbulent relationship and that he had hundreds of surveillance tapes of her de ella in an attempt to control her life de ella. But the defense pushed back, saying there is no evidence that she is even dead.


Alissa Turney died at the age of 17 years old.

Arizona Man Accused of Killing 17-Year-Old Stepdaughter

After the prosecution rested its case, the judge granted the defense’s motion to dismiss murder charges against Turney, citing rule 20, which allows the court to issue an acquittal if ‘there is no substantial evidence to warrant a conviction.’

Alissa’s half-sister and Turney’s own daughter Sarah Turney who was a key witness in the trial and whose social media campaign for justice helped lead to her arrest in 2020, left the courthouse without speaking to reporters.

Earlier Monday, the defense had asked for the judge to issue an acquittal based on what they called a lack of evidence, claiming there was sufficient evidence that Alissa ran away or proof that she is even dead.

Alissa was last seen in May 2001 at her Phoenix home on the last day of her junior year at Paradise Valley High School.

She had told her boyfriend de ella at school that her stepfather de ella was picking her up for lunch. Michael Turney reported her missing, but told authorities that she left a note saying she was running away to California.

In 2008, investigators re-interviewed witnesses and ended up serving search warrants on Turney’s home from her. The search led to the discovery of more than two dozen unregistered pipe bombs belonging to Turney. He served time for those crimes and released in 2017.

Alissa’s sister, Sarah, who has tried to keep attention on the case through social media and her podcast ‘Voices for Justice,’ testified against her own father last week and told the court how he allegedly brainwashed her into thinking that Alissa was a rebellious teenager who ran away to California.

But over the years, Sarah said she grew suspicious of her own father from her and that as his renditions of what happened that day changed every time, it led her to search for her own answers from her.

When she met up with her father de ella in 2017 and pushed him for an explanation, he wouldn’t give it to her.

‘He told me he would tell me on his death bed,’ Sarah recalled, adding that he said he would confess to everything if the state agreed to give him a lethal injection within 10 days.’

She also spoke in court about the troubled relationship between Turney and Alissa.

Last week, audio of a phone call between Turney and Michael Seth was played for the jury where Turney is heard calling her an a**hole and b*tch.

When police executed search warrants at the house back in 2008, they found videotapes dating back to the 1980s, including surveillance footage from the house, but did not find any videos from the day she disappeared.

In opening statements last week, the prosecution revealed how Turney had been filming Alissa in their home of her and how he had hundreds of surveillance videos of her.

Turney also tapped Alissa’s phone from her and allegedly made her sign a contract in which she stated that he never sexually assaulted her, the prosecution claimed.

The jury later heard from John Turney, Alissa ’s half-brother of her, and James Turney, Alissa ’s stepbrother of her. But a judge ruled that the jury could not hear James’ testimony that Alissa confided in him about an alleged incident where Turney put his hand de ella on her leg de ella, allegedly tried something de ella, which caused her to run away screaming.

The defense has argued that there isn’t any DNA or blood evidence that proves Turney killed Alissa. They also pointed out that without a body, there is no definitive proof that Alissa isn’t still alive.

In 2019, she started her own podcast, ‘Voices For Justice,’ which detailed their family history, events leading up to Alissa’s disappearance and a timeline of what has happened in the years since.

In May 2020 she began making videos on TikTok that focused on the case.

‘Believe it or not, it has become an important outlet for Alissa’s story,’ she told NBC.

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‘I’ve received more interest in this case from that app in the past month than the last 10 years.

‘This is not going away and I’m going to make sure it never does. I still think of her as my tough older sister who taught me to be tough.


‘Now, I need to continue to be tough and use that to fight for the justice she deserves.

‘She deserves her day in court. And I’m determined to give her that.’