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Amber Gibson A judge excoriated tragic Amber Gibson’s depraved brother who was today jailed for life for her sickening murder, calling him ‘truly evil’.Connor Gibson, 21, attacked his sister Amber Gibson, 16, removing her clothes, sexually assaulting with the intention of raping her, inflicting blunt force trauma to her head and body, and strangling her in woodland in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire in November 2021.He was handed a life sentence yesterday and ordered to spend a minimum of 22 years behind bars before he can be considered for parole. Passing sentence, Lord Mulholland told him: ‘You beat her about the head breaking her nose, removed her clothing and sexually assaulted her with intent to rape then manually strangled her.

‘The last person she saw was you, her brother, strangling the life out of her. What you did was truly evil.’Amber was reported missing on the evening of November 26 and her body was discovered two days later. On the night she disappeared, staff at the Hillhouse Children’s Unit in Hamilton, where she was living, tried to discourage her from going out to meet her brother because workers were concerned about his behaviour.CCTV footage from that night showed them chatting and appearing to be in good spirits as they made their way through the town. Amber sent a Snapchat picture of the two of them to friends. They were last seen just before 10pm. Neither Amber nor Gibson appeared again on CCTV until he re-emerged – alone – more than an hour-and-a half-later.

He returned home just before midnight and phoned Hillhouse, saying Amber had stormed off after an argument and he wanted to make sure she’d got home safely.Gibson was arrested on December 1. The day before his arrest, he posted a chilling tribute to the sister he had murdered, writing on Facebook: ‘Amber, you will fly high for the rest of time.’We will all miss you. Especially me. I love you ginger midget. GBFN (goodbye for now) X.’

Stephen Corrigan, 45, who was found guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice and breach of the peace by intimately touching and concealing Amber’s body after discovering her at some point in the following two days, instead of contacting the emergency services, was jailed for nine years at the same court.

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Amber Gibson Age is 22 years old.

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Following Gibson’s conviction, judge Lord Mulholland described the crime, which happened in woodland in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, on November 26 2021 as ‘depraved’.During the trial, the court heard how evidence from forensic pathologists showed Amber had died as a result of compression of the neck.When Gibson was convicted, the former foster family of both siblings said in a statement that Amber was ‘the most giving, loving, supportive and admirable person’, and their life will ‘never be the same again’.The family said: ‘She kept us on our toes and had the most amazing outlook on life consider the suffering she had experienced.’

The statement continued: ‘When they arrived at our home – Amber aged three and Connor aged five – Connor stated: ‘We are safe now’.’They were until he took her safety away.’Former school friends of Connor Gibson described him as a loner who was prone to sudden fits of rage.’He would talk about killing other pupils which, to be fair, I saw as an over-exaggeration, but looking back on it now maybe the stuff he said wasn’t exaggeration at all,’ one classmate said.A former female pupil described him as a ‘disgusting human’ who ‘threatened to rip’ her baby from her while she was pregnant. t the time of Amber’s murder, her brother was a resident at Hamilton’s Blue Triangle project, a hostel for homeless youngsters in Lanarkshire, while she was living at the Hillhouse unit.

Angel McKean, 19, a friend of Amber’s there, said the siblings’ relationship was turbulent. But she said when she last spoke to Amber, hours before she was killed, she had been looking forward to seeing her brother.Care home manager Ian Currie, 55, said Connor Gibson called the Hillhouse unit to speak to his sister on the day she was killed.At short time later, Amber left with him, despite Mr Currie’s attempts to discourage her from doing so. She was never seen alive again.By the time she was murdered, Amber had spent almost all her life in the care system.

And last month a man who raped her five months before her big brother lured his sister to a secluded woodland to kill her, was jailed for more than a decade – as a judge branded his actions ‘appalling’.It was while in the care of the state that Amber was raped by 20-year-old Jamie Starrs, who attacked her in June 2021 after being released on bail for another sex attack.

Starrs had violated the teenager while she was asleep or unconscious at a property in Bothwell, South Lanarkshire.Starrs denied any wrongdoing and went on trial at the High Court in Lanark.However, Jurors took two hours to convict him of raping Amber and also raping a second teenager just two weeks earlier.Starrs was jailed for 10-and-a-half years and two years of supervision upon release.Sentencing the double rapist, Judge Thomas Welsh said: ‘You have been convicted of appalling crimes against two innocent teenage girls and you have been assessed as being of very high risk of sexual violence on release.’



“Chintzia McIntyre, 48, had been seriously assaulted and was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.”