Amtul Momin

Amtul Momin, A 19-year-old Spring woman who disappeared after walking from Galveston Pleasure Pier to her car just a few blocks away has been found, officials say.

On Monday, the Texas Center for the Missing said Amtul Momin was “located safe.” Officials didn’t provide any further details on where or how she was located.

According to Galveston police, Momin reportedly left the Pleasure Pier around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, walking toward her vehicle that was parked in the 2300 block of Seawall Boulevard.

Authorities say she made it to her vehicle but she had not been seen since. Police said some of her belongings to her were found near her vehicle.

On Sunday, police asked anyone with information on her where about her to call them.


Amtul Momin is 19 years old.

Amtul Momin Missing Found Safe After Disappearing in Galveston

The Momin family of Spring, Texas, is anxiously seeking answers after their 19-year-old daughter, Amtul Momin, went missing during a supposedly nice outing in Galveston over the weekend. Amtul Momin was last seen near her vehicle from her at a Wendy’s located along Seawall Boulevard near 24th Street.

The 19-year-old had spent Saturday, August 5, enjoying the amusements at the Pleasure Pier, accompanied by her family de ella and other members of the mosque. According to a family friend, the day took a worrying turn when Amtul decided to change her shoes after getting them wet on a hike. She made her way to her car from ella, located a block away, just before 8 p.m. to put. This marked the last time she was seen.

Described as responsible and the eldest of four girls, Momin’s sudden absence from her has shocked her family and her community from her. She had been enjoying a day at the Pleasure Pier with her mother and her siblings, but when she didn’t return, concern quickly mounted. With deep concern, Amtul’s loved ones took to the streets of Galveston Island on Sunday and put up missing persons signs in an attempt to locate her de ella. Simultaneously, they searched for any available surveillance video that might shed light on the events that led to her disappearance from her.

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Wendy’s surveillance video captured Amtul Momin’s attempt to gain access to her vehicle from her, but it is unclear if she was able to get inside from her. Her phone de ella was discovered next to her car de ella and her scarf de ella was found near her de ella. At the time of her disappearance from her, Amtul Momin was wearing a navy blue shirt. The restaurant quickly turned the footage over to police for further investigation.


Efforts to locate 19-year-old Momin continue, with authorities and her loved ones working tirelessly to piece together the events surrounding her disappearance