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Asa Ellerup, THE suspected Long Island Serial Killer murdered four sex workers operating in the downstate New York area while his wife was out of town, court docs reveal.

Rex Heuermann, a 59-year-old architect living in Massapequa Park, New York, was arrested on Thursday evening for the deaths of three out of the four women who started to go missing over 13 years ago.

Prosecutors say they have records of the suspect’s wife traveling out of New York when Melissa Barthelemy, 24, Megan Waterman, 22, and Amber Lynn Costello, 27, disappeared, according to Heuermann’s bail application obtained by The U.S. Sun.

Heuermann’s wife has been identified as Asa Ellerup, 59, according to personal records obtained by The U.S. Sun.

She lives in the house with Heuermann, according to court docs.

Crime lab officers and police were pictured on Saturday taking boxes and garbage bags filled with items out of the house.

It appears that a filing cabinet and a cat scratching post was recovered.


Asa Ellerup is 59 years old.

Asa Ellerup was Out of Town When Gilgo Murders Happened

Hermann’s wife left to go to Iceland on July 8, 2009, and returned on August 18 of that year, according to travel records cited in court docs.

Melissa was last seen on July 10, 2009, in New York City.

In the days leading up to her disappearance from her, including the day she vanished, Melissa was contacted by a burner cellphone, court docs show.

The burner phone traveled from Massapequa Park to Midtown Manhattan, on the day she disappeared, according to the docs.

Later that night, Melissa’s cell phone traveled from Midtown Manhattan to Massapequa and the last cell site location was in Massapequa on July 11, 2009, the docs show.

Heuermann’s wife took another trip, leaving New York on June 4, 2010, to go to Maryland and returning on June 8, 2010, according to cellphone billing records cited by court docs.

Megan was last seen at the Holiday Inn in Hauppauge, New York on June 6, 2010.

Her cellphone was contacted by another burner phone on June 5, 2010, and subsequently on the day she disappeared, according to court docs.

Cellular phone records indicate that Megan’s phone traveled to Massapequa Park, and the last cell site location was near Heuermann’s home, court docs show.

On August 28, 2010, Heuermann’s wife left New York and traveled to New Jersey, returning on September 5, 2010, according to cellphone billing records cited by court docs.

Amber was last seen on September 2, 2010, leaving her house in West Babylon, New York.

The day before her disappearance from her she was contacted by a burner phone, according to court docs.

During the communications on the day before Amber vanished, the burner phone connected to cell site towers in West Amityville and Massapequa Park, court docs show.

The burner phone then traveled to West Babylon near Amber’s house, the docs say.

According to the docs, Amber’s phone was also contacted by the burner phone on September 2, 2010 – the day she disappeared.

Chilling DNA link Emerges

Heuermann is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25, who was last seen alive on July 9, 2007.

She was found restrained by three leather belts, one of the belts tied her legs together, according to court docs.

A female hair was recovered from the buckle of one of the belts and further forensic testing showed that the DNA of the hair was consistent with the DNA collected from Heuermann’s wife, the docs show.

Two female hairs were recovered from Megan’s body bound by duct tape.

One of the hairs was recovered “from outside the head area” and the other from “the tape of the head area,” according to court docs.

Amber’s body de ella was also bound by duct tape and a female hair was recovered from a piece of tape near her head de ella, inside the burlap wrapping she was found in, court docs show.

In July 2022, forensic testing determined that each of the female hairs found on Maureen, Megan, and Amber belonged to the same female individual, according to the docs.

On or around July 21, 2022, an undercover Suffolk County Police Department detective recovered 11 bottles from the trash outside Heuermann’s home, docs say.

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In February 2023, a forensic lab was able to match one of the DNA profiles from the bottles to the same mitochondrial haplogroup as the female hair found on the victim, according to the docs.

Court docs say the female DNA taken from the bottle is believed to be Heuermann’s wife.


However since she was out of state during the murders, it is likely that the materials used in the killings such as the tape and burlap came from Hermann’s home where Ellerup lives or was passed on from his clothing, according to court docs.

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