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Aubrey Trail Death row Tinder murderer Aubrey Trail has been charged with extorting a prison nurse with the help of a true crime author after demanding $25,000 from the nurse in a hitman extortion plot.

Trail was jailed in 2019 for the brutal murder of Sydney Loofe, a woman he’d met on the popular dating app. He was sentenced to death in 2021 and has been on death row at the Nebraska Reception and Treatment Center ever since.

According to new court documents, he enlisted the help of Samantha Al-Rekabi, a self-proclaimed true crime expert who was working on a book about Trail.

The pair befriended the unnamed nurse, convincing her to smuggle contraband like a cellphone and chewing tobacco into the prison for Trail, before turning on her.

Aubrey Trail Age

Aubrey Trail Age is 54 years old.

Nebraska Death charged with extorting prison nurse out of $25k

The nurse had confided in them about her troubled marriage, according to court documents.

Trail then turned on her, telling her she’d hired someone to murder her husband.

To call off the hit, he demanded $25,000 from her.

The scheme was unraveled when the nurse, who has since quit, confessed her friendship with him.

In 2021, before he was sentenced to murder, Trail told the nurse to withdraw $25,000 from the bank or her husband would be killed.

According to prosecutors, Rekabi escorted the nurse to the bank. She was then paid $10,000 herself.

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She was recorded on phone calls with Trail discussing smuggling a gun to him behind bars so that he could ‘kill everyone’, and gloating about how the nurse planned to withdraw her pension for the pair.

The nurse told the bosses she feared Trail was going to harm her son, who is also behind bars, unless she helped him.

She also admitted to acting as a go-between for Trail and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell.

Boswell was also charged in Loofe’s murder for helping him dismember her body.


She narrowly avoided the death penalty at her own trial in 2021, and is now serving life without parole.