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Bonnie Gooch, from Missouri, US, has been charged after Pleasant Hill Police Department responded to reports of a robbery at Goppert Financial Bank on Wednesday.

An elderly 78-year-old woman has been arrested after she was accused of robbing a bank for the third time.

Bonnie Gooch, from Missouri, US, was charged with attempted stealing after she was accused of robbing Goppert Financial Bank on Wednesday afternoon.

Pleasant Hill Police Department responded to reports of a bank robbery at around 3.20 pm and while en route were given a description of the suspect and her car.

Officers located Ms. Gooch after conducting a traffic stop where she was arrested and taken into custody without incident.

According to police, the chase was “tense” but when officers were confronted with the elderly woman it was a “little shocking”, police chiefs admitted.

Pleasant Hill Police Chief Thomas Wright said: “Obviously it was a tense situation. But when the hands of an elderly woman come out of the car and that is who is driving the suspect vehicle, it’s a little shocking.”


Bonnie Gooch is 78 years old.

Accused of Robbing Bank for the THIRD Time

She was charged by Cass County prosecutors Thursday who set her bail at $25,000 (£20,000).

Police said the suspect will be referred to hospital services to see if she needs any help.

Authorities confirmed the suspect has previous after she was arrested in 2020 for raiding a bank in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

She was 75 years old when she committed the crime and was later convicted of the robbery.

Her son admitted Ms. Gooch had warned she was going to rob a bank after a dispute with her family.

According to court documents at the time, her son said she “was off her rocker” and had left the house “angry, saying she was going to rob a bank.”

Ms. Gooch’s sentence for the crime was suspended and she was released on supervised probation, which later expired in November 2021.

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In the past two robberies, she handed a note to bank workers demanding money, according to police.

The note demanded $3,000 (£2,000) and described how the money should be divided up into sections. She took the cash and left the bank.

Ms. Gooch was later stopped by an officer and reportedly had a black wig, hat, and $3,000 in the car as a disguise for her robbery.


Furthermore, she was arrested in 1977 for a third time after she was found guilty of robbing a bank in California when she was 32.