Who was Brandy McCaslin? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Killed Three Young Children and Then Killed Herself, Suicide

Brandy McCaslin Wiki – Brandy McCaslin Bio

Brandy McCaslin was reportedly the one who was holding another woman hosting before she was safely rescued. However, when cops entered her residence de ella, they found her as well as her children’s bodies de ella. The little ones were identified as Billy, Noe, and Bryce, and all of them were said to be between the age of nine months to 11 years.

There is not much information about McCaslin’s other family members or if she had a husband. However, an old GoFundMe has shown her posing happily with her children and an older person. The fundraiser was about getting monetary help to “keep the house on behalf of Brandy McCaslin”. It said, “My friend moved into her grandparents’ home because their health has declined majorly. She didn’t know at the time that they let the house payments lapse. Now they’re getting close to foreclosure because of it.”


Brandy McCaslin’s age is unknown.

Killed Her Three Young Children & Then Killed Herself

The message on the page continued, “Her Papaw passed in January. She claims SSI so she’s limited on her allowance from her. When it rains it pours. She just left a mentally / verbally abusive relationship and the wife and I have been staying here to help take care of things and help her back on her feet from her. It’s the best we can do. We don’t have money to help,” before adding, “Please help them out. She’s got 3 kids and her Mamaw to care for still and she is so worried about losing the house.”

In an alleged murder-suicide incident, a woman and three young children were discovered dead at a home in Verdigris. As per reports, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has now been handling the case, which earlier involved several law enforcement agencies. The case unfolded after another woman called a Verdigris patrol officer and claimed to be kept hostage by the first woman.

The Daily Mail citing the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department reported that the fatal incident happened near Cypress Street and Dogwood Court. The second woman reportedly told the cop that the first woman, later identified as Brandy McCaslin, had kept her as well as her children from her inside a garage. The apparent victim also shared that McCaslin was in possession of a handgun. However, she was saved before cops could call more officers for help.

‘You’re Gorgeous Mama’

Besides, McCaslin also had a Facebook account, which showed her posts from her about her and her children from her. The last photo she shared was in April and before that in January, she posted two photos of her two children from her and wrote, “The best big sister in the world!! He just snuggled in tight and slept in her arms from her.”

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Another post was from late January, which was a selfie of McCaslin, which she captioned as “Got out and did something for myself today!! Cut my hair for the first time since I was pregnant!! Feels so good!!” She got a lot of positive comments, like “Beautiful!! Love your hair!”, “Absolutely gorgeous!!!”, “Oh you look so pretty. I love your hair. Y Tu! XO,” and “Brandy, you’re Gorgeous Mama!!”


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