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 Brenda Powell A jury convicted a 23-year-old Ohio woman of killing her mother after she found out that her daughter had been kicked out of college.

Sydney Powell was found guilty of murder, criminal assault and tampering with evidence in the murder of her mother, 50-year-old Brenda Powell.

The 23-year-old sobbed in court while the verdicts were read in the Summit County courtroom.
In March of 2020, Sydney, then 19, struck her mother in the head with an iron skillet, then stabbed her nearly 30 times in the neck.

Sydney pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. During the trial, defense attorneys argued that she was suffering a psychotic break at the time of the attack, according to Court TV
Defense attorney Donald Malarcik told jurors that since the attack Sydney has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is receiving treatment.

 Brenda Powell Age

Brenda Powell age is 23 years old.

killed her mother

Brenda worked as a child life specialist in the hematology oncology unit at Akron Children’s Hospital for 28 years.

A memorial scholarship in her name described her as selfless and dedicated, the best in her field of work.

‘Countless patients and families benefited from Brenda’s compassionate care and support. Brenda loved working with the teens in the Showers Family Center and she always did everything possible to make sure they succeeded.’

Prosecutors argued Sydney initially lied to police about what happened and said there had been a break in. They said she even broke a window to stage a crime scene.

Witnesses from the University Mount Union where Sydney had attended tested they were on the phone with Brenda discussing her daughters suspension when they heard repeated thuds and screaming.

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Alarmed by what they heard, the school administrators called police to the Powell home.

The defendant’s father Steven Powell tested in his daughter’s defense, he said that his wife and daughter had a close relationship.

Psychological experts for the defense said Sydney was in the throes of a psychotic break during the attack and could not understand that her actions were wrong.

Dr. James Reardon, who diagnosed her with schizophrenia and depression, said that she was deteriorating and losing her grip on reality leading up to the attack.

Dr. Thomas Swale, a neuropsychologist, and Dr. Robin Belcher-Timme both tested that Sydney’s psychotic break began months before the attack and she was out of touch with reality when it happened.

In rebuttal, prosecutors called Dr. Silvia O’Bradovich, a clinical psychologist, who said she was interviewed in Sydney.

O’Bradovich agreed Sydney has mental health issues, but she said she was not suffering a psychotic break during the attack.
She said Sydney’s motivation for killing her mother was that she would do anything to keep from disappointing her.

Prosecutors argued Sydney knew what she was doing during the attack and was in her right mind when she switched the weapons she was using and staged the break in.

‘Sydney stopped attacking with the pan, probably went to the kitchen with a knife. “She had to switch weapons and keep attacking her,” said Assistant Prosecutor Brian Stano according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

‘Just the knife just in the neck multiple times? That is purposeful. That’s trying to end someone.’

Sentencing is schedule for September 28. Sydney faces a maximum sentence of life behind bars.


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