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Brian Wells With more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Jerry Clark was the lead investigator of the collar bomb case in 2003.
Serial killer Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong orchestrated the robbery plot in Erie in Pennsylvania that led to the death of pizza delivery driver Brian Wells.

Marjorie wanted someone to rob $250,000 from a bank to get cash to pay someone to kill her father-who was allegedly “spending all her inheritance money”.

Her accomplices included William Rothstein, her former fiancé, and her friend Kenneth Barnes.

It took a team of investigators – led by Clark – more than seven years to unravel the bizarre case that shocked the world.

On August 28, 2003, Wells, 46, walked into a bank with a shotgun disguised as a cane and demanded $250,000 in cash.

A collar bomb was fastened around his neck and a note said it would explode if he did n’t get what he wanted.

Carrying a bag stuffed with more than $8,000, he calmly walked out before being surrounded by police.

Wells told cops he had been forced to wear the device and rob the bank – and news cameras were rolling when the bomb went off.

Cops later discovered detailed instructions in Wells’ car for the “Bomb Hostage” which contained codes to disable the explosive device.

But investigators concluded that the bomb – which had four locks and a combination dial – could never have been safely removed.

Three days after Wells’ grisly death, a second pizza delivery driver died of an overdose – after being an alleged witness to the crime.

And three weeks later, Rothstein told cops that Marjorie had killed her ex-boyfriend James Roden and dumped his body in his freezer.

Investigators said Marjorie killed Roden because he knew about the bank heist and suggested he would inform the police.

Two decades on, former FBI agent Clark spoke to The Sun about the harrowing memories from his time in charge of the FBI major case.

He said Marjorie and Rothstein were two of the toughest criminals he has ever had to interview.

Before killing her ex-boyfriend Roden, Clark said serial killer Marjorie had killed at least five people-or was at least responsible for their deaths.

Brian Wells Age

Brian Wells Age is 46 years old.

We shared pretzels and a Diet Coke…then she tried to kill me

He spoke to her a total of eight times while she was serving time for the murder of Roden.

“I know for a fact that when I interviewed Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, I had never met somebody like her,” he said.

“You may get a person like that once in a lifetime as an investigator to get to interview, and I had the chance to interview her multiple times.”

The last time Clark and Marjorie spoke was on May 10, 2006.

The FBI agent took her on a ride in Summit Township, Erie, where she pointed out her whereabouts on the day Wells was killed.

“Marjorie was more challenging because she was more calculated and always trying to out-think me,” Clark said.

“We’re in the back seat of a police car, driving her around and she’s showing us different things.

“One moment we’re laughing and having pretzel rods and Diet Cokes, but then when I take her back to the prison, she immediately tries to get her cellmate to hire her boyfriend to kill me.”

He added: “It shows you how manipulative and diabolical she really was.

“Here she’s laughing with me and joking and then trying to kill me 10 minutes later.”

When interviewing Rothstein, Clark said he “never got enough credit for how evil he was”.

“He loses out to Marjorie for being this mastermind, but quite honestly, Bill came up with the bank robbery, the scheme, the device, the scavenger hunt, the notes, the cane gun,” he explained.

“Rothstein was a narcissist and had a true antisocial personality disorder.

“And that’s why he wanted to make such an overly-complicated plot-to feed his ego.”

“He thought he was smarter than everybody and had to tell me how intelligent he was.

“When we met I told him ‘Hey, Bill, I’m Jerry Clark, I’m here to interview you’.

“He replied: ‘I need to tell you I’m the smartest guy in this room’.”

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Clark explained that Rothstein was dying of cancer at the time, so he thought he’d go out with this “perfect plan”.

“It turned out to be the worst bank robbery you could ever do, but in his mind, it was the best plan,” the ex-FBI agent said.

“He wanted to leave Erie with this big mystery, but he failed at doing so thanks to the good investigative work by the whole team.

“Investigators never, ever gave up. I’m just so proud of the fact that we finished it and got the people involved.”

What began as a bizarre collar bomb bank heist quickly escalated into notoriety as one of FBI’s major cases – a special category for infamous crimes and incidents, such as 9/11.

Clark compared the case to “when Kennedy was shot, but in our own small world version”.

“Something like this had never happened in the history of the FBI,” Clark said.
“You had three deceased people within three weeks, and my job as the FBI agent in charge was to link all three of those cases into one scheme.

“That was definitely the most complex part of it all.

“It was not just the bank robbery, it was the killing of witnesses, which is the second pizza delivery driver.

“And it’s the killing of a person that was going to turn them in, which is the guy who ended up in the freezer.

“The whole thing was really unbelievable as a scheme.”

Marjorie was eventually sentenced to life in prison for armed bank robbery, conspiracy and using a destructive device in a crime of violence.

She died in 2017 aged 68 from breast cancer in a Texas prison.

Rothstein was named as a co-conspirator, and died of cancer in 2004 aged 60.

The pizza bomber plot was turned into a four-part Netflix doc titled Evil Genius, in which Clark was featured.

But the FBI agent pointed out the single “mistake” made by producers in the hit true crime series.

“Netflix was very well done up until the very last segment,” Clark said.

“Producers tried to indicate that Brian Wells did not know these people and was not involved whatsoever.

“But the evidence says Brian Wells met these people.”

He explained: “They convinced them to go to a pre-planning meeting the day before, rob the bank, and it would be a fake device that would not go off.

“And that’s why he was pretty calm for a guy that had a collar bomb around his neck and left the bank with a lollipop. So that’s the only part that Netflix veers at the end on.

“There’s no doubt he knew, he just didn’t know he was dying that day and that they were purposely trying to kill him.”

Clark-a fellow Erie resident-opened up about the main challenges of dealing with one of America’s most diabolical crimes with his hometown being the haunting backdrop.

“I was on a violent crime squad, so I’d seen different ways you can die – certainly shootings, stabbings and drownings – but I had never seen the detonation of a bomb attached to the human body before,” he revealed.

“So that lived with me for a long time because I still go by that road every day.”On September 21, 2003, opening up a freezer and seeing a dead body in there was one of the many things that stick with me to this day and really played hard on me personally.


“I’ve become totally enmeshed in this investigation. It’s in the fabric of my life now.”

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