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Britney Ujlaky Following the premiere of a Dateline episode about Britney, people want to know more about the late teenager and her case.
Gabrielle “Britney” Ujlaky was a 16-year-old girl from Spring Creek, Nevada.

Per People, those who knew her said she was an upbeat teenager who loved horses and had dreams of becoming Rodeo Queen one day.

When she was 9 years old, Britney learned how to drive cattle on horseback.

She spent time at the local rodeo circuit, per the outlet.
As People reported, Britney went missing after being picked up by her family friend, Bryce Dickey — who was 18 years old at the time — from Angel Park in Elko, Nevada, on March 8, 2020.

The couple had a close relationship, with Britney referring to Bryce as her “big brother.”

Following her disappearance, Bryce allegedly told police differing accounts about what took place on that day.

Authorities said that at one point, he claimed he had seen Britney enter a green Ford F-150 pickup truck with a tall man wearing a cowboy hat, per the outlet.

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Britney Ujlaky age is 16 years old.

what happened to her? Incident Detail

However, the man and the truck were never located, and prosecutors thought that he didn’t exist.

Her body was found wrapped in a blue tarp days after her disappearance, and she had been raped and stabbed to death, per People.

According to the outlet, Bryce’s boots — which were stained with blood — were found near Britney’s body, as well as a used condom containing his DNA.

While Bryce “eventually admitted” to having sex with Britney on the day she went missing, he claimed it was consensual.

However, on Thursday, May 19, 2022, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and sexual assault with a deadly weapon in Elko District Court, as People reported.

The Associated Press reported that Bryce was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years.
According to Investigation Discovery, Elko District Court Judge Mason Simons called Britney’s murder “a heinous crime” at an August 2022 sentencing hearing, per the Elko Daily Free Press.

According to Elko Daily and ID, Bryce had 50 years added to his sentencing, meaning he will not be eligible for parole until he serves 70 years in prison.
Britney’s Dateline episode titled Open Desert — featuring journalist Josh Mankiewicz — premiered on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST on NBC.

It is now available on NBC’s Dateline website with an NBCUniversal Profile or via Peacock with a subscription to the streaming service.

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The television show’s X account, @DatelineNBC, shared multiple previews leading up to the episode’s premiere.

On the evening of December 7, it tweeted alongside a video of Mankiewicz: “It’s the story of a young woman who loved the outdoors and loved the rodeo…

“And @JoshMankiewicz will tell it on an all-new #Dateline mystery tonight at 10/9c on NBC.”

It then tweeted a clip from the episode, along with the words: “Jim called his daughter Britney again and again. No answer … Her story tonight at 10 / 9c on an all-new #Dateline.”

That night, the account shared another clip from the TV program, writing, in part: “Where in this vast desert landscape had Britney gone?”


Later that night, Dateline NBC tweeted another preview from Open Desert, writing: “Family and friends remember Britney #Dateline.”