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Carrie Jones, the Hartington woman accused in the death of one of four people has pleaded not guilty. Last year, four killings were reported in a small northeast Nebraska town. Jones, who hails from Laurel, entered a written not guilty to four counts each of first-degree murder and use of a firearm to commit a felony, with added two counts of first-degree arson.

The accused is charged with the murder of Gene Twiford, 86, in Laurel, on August 4, 2022, and her husband is charged with killing Twiford, his wife, his daughter, and another Laurel woman and setting fire to the victims’ homes. Prosecutors allege Carrie Jones encouraged her husband to confront Twiford, who she said had been making sexually charged comments to her for years and then helped him hide when he was being sought by police.


Carrie Jones‘s age is unknown.

Accused in Connection to One of Four Nebraska Murders Pleads Not Guilty

As per the previous hearing in the case, it was revealed that the couple did not have any conflict with Ebeling and her fiance, Brian Welch, but believed the couple was odd. Carrie Jones is scheduled to be arraigned on May 22 in Cedar County District Court, as per Norfolk Daily News. Both Carrie and James Jones are held in prison and are scheduled to appear in court on July 24, as per ABC News.

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In an unrelated case, a Nebraska woman on purpose killed two maintenance workers with her car. Taylor Briann Bradley even tried to down a third man as per the police report. She was taken into custody and faces three counts of use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and two counts of second-degree murder in the vehicular homicides of Ronald Gonzales, 45, and Chris Karmazin.


“Video and witness accounts of the incident support the arrest of Taylor Bradley for second-degree murder as they exhibit intent.,” read a press statement from the Lincoln Police Department. It also wrote, “Intent is further supported by the location where the victims were run over which is approximately 20-30 yards from any roadway,” reports MEAWW.