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Casino Jizzle, Twitter erupted as the news of the music artist Casino Jizzle’s death broke. Tributes started pouring in for the Memphis native who lost his life allegedly owing to a fatal shooting in his hometown. The mother of his baby, Brianna Hollins, shared the news of his sudden death through her social media account.

An influential figure in the Memphis music scene, Jizzle was a rising star. With over 47k YouTube subscribers, he was popular among his fans. One of his videos, ‘Walking’, has garnered over 250k views. Jizzle is known for his albums ‘4X4real’, ‘Neutron’, and ‘Message’. Some of his famous songs were ’40 Bars’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Gangsta’, ‘Message’, ‘We Do Opps’, and ‘No Chorus’, among others.


Casino Jizzle died at the age of 27 years old.

Cause of Death

The 27-year-old rapper was excited to drop his album ‘Duh’ on July 7 and was promoting the same. However, before he could witness the release of his album, Casino Jizzle, whose real name was Robert Tunstall, was killed.

While an official confirmation is yet to come, Jizzle’s girlfriend and baby mother, Brianna Hollins, took to her Facebook account to announce, “LORD JESUSSSSSSSS PLEASEEEEE HELP MEEEEEE.” She later posted two long tributes for her musician boyfriend. From the post, fans assumed Jizzle died due to a gun injury.

She later posted, “I need some happiness again this life done beat on me wish I could’ve went with youuuu I’m hurting so bad my stomach in knots.. my eyes hurtttttttttt baeeeeeeeeeee sooooo tired of cryingggg lordddd I need you sooo bad mane I prayeddddddd I prayeddddddd you didn’t hear meeeeeeeeeee I need himmmm backkkkk my soul hurttttttttttttttt i can’t stop shaking.. I can’t catch a breakkkk please pray for me and our kids we NEED IT BADDDD F THE MEDIA I NEED MY NIGGAA I promise I’m not strong enough I’m so weakkkk.”


Meanwhile, fans have been sharing video clips of the crime scene on Twitter, showing several police vans. This is, however, not the only shooting in which Jizzle was a victim. While the Memphis shooting claimed his life, in 2019, he was shot outside a Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Cordova, leaving him seriously wounded and battling for his life for many days in the hospital.

Fans are mourning the death of the beloved star. “Moment of silence for my boy casino jizzle @Casino_Jizzle,” a tweet read. Another said, “Casino Jizzle I hope it ain’t true ts sad.” A third wrote, “Memphis is a wild place boy. RIP casino jizzle.” Someone else said, “Dam R.i.p Casino Jizzle…he was reportedly shot today…damn i remember him from this song he did with Asian doll……”

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A shocked fan wrote, “Damn they killed casino jizzle ass broad day light…….” “It’s like they were determined to take Jizzle out Rest up @Casino_Jizzle,” commented another. Someone else said, “Dxmn Memphis y’all had to take Casino Jizzle??”


“When is it enough Memphis…Black men deserve to grow old!!! Rip Casino jizzle,” commented a disheartened fan. “Damn bruh Casino Jizzle was killed in Memphis today. I remember a few yrs ago he was n the hospital after being shot,” reminisced another.