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‘Cocaine Cassie’ Sainsbury broke down in tears during Monday night’s premiere episode of SAS Australia, as she opened up about her life in a Colombian prison.

Cassie, 28, was arrested in Colombia in April 2017, when she was caught trying to leave the country with 5.8kgs of cocaine in her luggage.

When asked by Ant Middleton about the reason for her imprisonment, she straightforwardly answered, ‘smuggling drugs.’
‘I’m the person who committed the crime, but I was… set up by someone who I considered to be my friend,’ she declared.

The prison environment proved hostile for Sainsbury, who she felt singled out as the ‘rich white girl’
‘I was almost sure that someone would kill me there,’ she said.

She went on to add her days in prison were marked by oppressive authority figures who treated inmates with disdain, often resorting to physical violence.

‘I just saw a life of sadness and pain,’ she said of her experience in prison.

Cocaine Cassie Age

Cocaine Cassie Age is 27 years old.

She reveals she was raped in a Colombian prison

‘It was such a horrible feeling that I gave up all hope.

‘I had a lot of time to kind of process having been manipulated and tricked by someone I thought was my friend… having been raped,’ she explained.

The grim reality of prison life was not for the faint-hearted, as Sainsbury witnessed inmates lost in a haze of drug addiction.

‘That would kill themselves,’ she went on.

‘I saw people hung from staircases, stabbings.’

Yet, in spite of the adversities she faced inside, she remained resolute.

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‘I wasn’t gonna let that prison be the end of me,’ she said.

The bust shot her to international fame as she was dubbed ‘Cocaine Cassie’.

She was sentenced to six years behind bars at El Buen Pastor prison but only served three before she was released.


Cassie spent another two years on parole in South America before returning to Australia last year to live in Adelaide with her wife Tatiana.