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Connor Gibson, This is the chilling moment an older brother led his 16-year-old sister to a woodland before trying to rape her and then strangling her to death.

Connor Gibson, 19, attacked his younger sibling Amber in a park in Hamilton on the outskirts of Glasgow. He removed her clothes from her before sexually assaulting her and hitting her on her head, then fatally strangled her.

Jurors heard the siblings had been in foster care together, but had ultimately been living apart.

Amber had been ‘excited’ to catch-up with her de ella older brother de ella on the night of November 26, 2021, and sent a selfie to a friend de ella captioned ‘my big bro’ hours before he fatally attacked her following a row.


Connor Gibson is 19 years old.

Connor Gibson CCTV Footage

CCTV from before the killing shows Connor, now 20, walking side by side with Amber down a pavement. Footage from later on catches Connor walking home alone before stooping over for several seconds by a fence – apparently exhausted.

He is later filmed tiptoeing out of his sheltered accommodation from him before disposing of items he wore during the attack, including a bloodstained coat that later helped convict him.

Today, the siblings’ foster parents, Carol and Craig Niven, recalled how Connor had said ‘we are safe’ when they first took him and Amber into their care, before adding: ‘They were until he took that safety away,’

Amber was reported missing on the evening of Friday, November 26 and her body discovered in Cadzow Glen at 10.10am on November 28.

Before then, local man Stephen Corrigan, 45, had come across the lifeless teenager during a walk. But instead of alerting police the pervert touched her inappropriately and then hid her body from view.

Connor was arrested on December 1 and-the day before his arrest de él-posted a fake Facebook tribute to his sister de él, writing: ‘Amber, you will fly high for the rest of time. We will all miss you. Especially me. I love you ginger midget. GBFN (goodbye for now) x’.

He denied sexually assaulting and murdering Amber but was convicted following a 13-day trial based on a combination of CCTV footage and DNA evidence, including his bloodstained jacket.

Connor now faces a life sentence after being convicted of murder and attempted rape. Corrigan was convicted of a breach of peace and attempting to defeat the ends of justice. They will be jailed in Livingston on September 4.

Amber was last heard from at 9:51 pm on the night of her murder of her. She sits an apparently cheeky selfie with Gibson to a friend over Snapchat with the caption ‘my big bro’.

The friend, Angel McKean, described Amber as her de ella ‘wee sister’ de ella and recalled seeing her just hours before she was murdered.

‘She said that she was going to meet her brother from her and seemed quite excited about it,’ the 19-year-old remembered.

At the time of Amber’s murder, Connor was living at the Blue Triangle homeless hostel in Hamilton, while she was at the Hillhouse children’s home.

Earlier this month, Jamie Starrs, 20, was convicted of raping Amber five months before her death at her home in Bothwell, Lanarkshire. He is yet to be sentenced.

Meanwhile, Connor’s paternal father, Peter Gibson, was jailed for 10 years for physical and sexual abuse as his son awaited trial for murder.

The 62-year-old raped a woman in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, which included him tying her up and blindfolding her.

Reporting of his case was delayed until the end of the murder trial.

Connor Gibson Attacked His Younger Sister Amber in a Park

On the night of Amber’s murder, Connor returned to his hostel at around midnight and slumped into an office where project worker Suzanne Duddy was sitting.

Miss Duddy, 55, said it appeared like he had ‘fallen into a ditch’.

She added: ‘He looked very disheveled, out of breath. His hands from him were very, very dirty up to his wrist from him. I asked was he okay, but he did not answer.’

Connor went on to ask to make a phone call.

Miss Duddy said: ‘He explained to me that he had family issues and had an argument with his sister. That was why he wanted to use the phone to see if she returned home safely..’

The court heard Connor did not seem emotional as he spoke to his de él and Amber’s former foster father, Craig Niven, on the day Amber’s body was found two days after the killing.

Giving evidence, Mr Niven had said he would not leave the siblings in each other’s company because they were ‘not a good mix’.

Mr Niven and his wife de él had fostered the siblings since Amber was three and her brother de ella was five. The couple were granted permanent care of the siblings a few years later.

He told the court he had not heard from his former foster son during Amber’s disappearance from ella but, in a call on the day her body from ella was discovered, Connor told him the pair had ‘fallen out’ when they saw each other two days previously.

The forensic pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination on Amber’s body told the court she was found covered in mud and the cause of death of her was ‘compression of the neck’.

Jurors also heard other forensic evidence that ‘widespread blood staining’ on Connor’s jacket was compatible with Amber and his de ella’s DNA was also found on her shorts de ella, worn as underwear, which had been ‘forcibly turned’ off.

Charged & Arrested

The court also heard from Peter Benson, of Police Scotland’s cyber crime group, who examined a phone found where Connor was living.

It showed that on November 27 at about 12.34am, the phone’s user wrote to a Snapchat group with five recipients: ‘I’m really going to need you guys help with something when you come back. I’m being serious.’

The court saw evidence that about 40 seconds later the user messaged Amber on the app: ‘Are you ok?’

The user then told the group chat at approximately 1.33am: ‘nvm (never mind) it’s all good.’

The search history obtained from the phone also showed the user searched ‘How to get nosy police officers to stop monitoring your phone’ at 11.38pm.

Iain Currie, manager of Hillhouse children’s home, told the court he spoke to Connor at about 9pm on November 26 after he called to speak with his sister about him, but noted him appearing ‘sharp’ on the phone after making no greeting.

Also on trial was Stephen Corrigan, 45, who was found guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by intimately touching and concealing Amber’s body after discovering her de ella at some point in the following two days, instead of contacting the emergency services.

Corrigan, said in court not to be known to Connor, also denied the charge and had lodged a special defense of Alibi.

Connor Gibson Father De él, William Corrigan Statement

His father de él, William Corrigan, 79, told the court his son de él was at his home de él in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, that weekend after a fall on ice left his arm de él in a sling, and denied lying to protect him.

The court heard Corrigan told police he was at a ‘complete loss’ to explain why his DNA from her was found on 39 areas of Amber’s body from her, including her breasts, buttocks and thighs from her.

Today, Lord Mulholland remanded Gibson and Corrigan in custody after the jury returned its verdicts.

Turning to Gibson first, he said: ‘Your sister – the last person she saw was you strangling her. It was depraved. You will pay a heavy price for that.’

The judge then told Corrigan: ‘You have been convicted of two horrific crimes. You came across a young girl who had been strangled to death and was naked.

‘Instead of altering the authorities, you handled her body de ella and your DNA de ella told the story. Be under no illusion what is also coming your way.’

Neither showed any emotion as they were taken handcuffed to the cells.

The children’s foster parents, Craig and Carol Niven, were in court to hear the verdicts. In an emotional statement, they said: ‘When they arrived at our home, Amber was three and Connor aged five.

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”Connor stated: ”We are safe” – they were until he took the safety away. Amber deserved to live a life of hope and opportunities. As a family, we will never be able to get over how this was taken from her.


‘We are relieved the people involved in what happened to her are now behind bars. However, no amount of time will be justice enough for such a young innocent life.