Cynthia Hovsepian and Jonas BareCynthia Hovsepian and Jonas Bare

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Cynthia Hovsepian and Jonas Bare, a 50-year-old Nashville businessman, and his companion Cynthia Hovsepian, aged 37, embarked on a two-day vacation to Alaska. They were scheduled to check out of their rental on August 11th, but puzzlingly, they never did. Bare, known for his adventurous spirit, had shared updates of their trip on Facebook, mentioning that this journey marked his 50th state visit, aligning perfectly with his 50th birthday celebration. However, an eerie post on August 8th caught attention, where he humorously remarked that if a Kodiak were to get him, he’d consider it an honorable death, hinting at a sense of peril that now surrounds their disappearance.

Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian’s mysterious disappearance has left the Fairbanks Police Department with many unanswered questions. As they continue their investigation, the couple’s social media activity and Bare’s cryptic post have raised concerns about their well-being. Friends and family anxiously await any developments in this unsettling situation, hoping for the safe return of Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian.

Cynthia Hovsepian and Jonas Bare Age

Jonas Bare, 50, and Cynthia Hovsepian, 37, years old:

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Incident Detail

A troubling situation has unfolded in Alaska involving Tennessee tourists Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian, who have been missing for nearly a week. Their disappearance has left authorities and loved ones deeply concerned. The couple’s dark-blue Jeep Compass, rented for their vacation, was discovered abandoned at the Chena Hot Springs Resort on the very day they were reported missing, August 10th. What adds to the mystery is that Bare and Hovsepian failed to check out of their Airbnb rental, and their personal belongings were found left behind, raising questions about their sudden disappearance.

The last confirmed sighting of Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian was on August 10th, near a hiking trail close to the popular resort in Fairbanks, a city with a population exceeding 30,000. The circumstances surrounding their vanishing remain shrouded in uncertainty, prompting an extensive search effort by local authorities. Friends, family, and the community anxiously await any news about their whereabouts, hoping for a safe and swift resolution to this distressing situation.

The disappearance of Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian in Alaska has become increasingly concerning due to the unique circumstances surrounding their case. Cynthia Hovsepian, notably, is visually impaired and occasionally uses a cane while walking, as reported by the Division of Alaska State Troopers. This factor has added an extra layer of urgency to the search efforts, raising concerns about her safety in an unfamiliar wilderness.

As of the latest update, which was on Thursday afternoon, the Alaska Department of Public Safety spokesperson confirmed that Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian remained missing. Their names still appeared on the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s missing persons list as of early Friday, indicating the ongoing intensity of the search and the absence of any concrete leads.

Law enforcement has employed various resources, including helicopters, ATVs, and K-9 teams, in their desperate efforts to locate the couple. Jonas Bare, described as having brown hair and brown eyes, stands at 5 feet 9 inches, while Cynthia Hovsepian, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, has blond hair and green eyes, further emphasizing the need for their safe return as the search continues.

Yes, Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian have been found safe after more than a week of being missing while hiking in Alaska. Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian, the Tennessee couple who went missing while hiking in Alaska over a week ago, have indeed been found. Their remarkable rescue occurred on Friday, just two miles away from where their car had been parked. The couple’s disappearance had sparked a widespread search effort, and their safe discovery brought immense relief to their family and loved ones.

After enduring eight days in the wilderness, during which they lost their way on what was initially intended to be a short hike along an established trail, the couple’s resilience and survival instincts were put to the test. Bare’s uncle, who chose to remain anonymous, provided the initial confirmation of their discovery, highlighting the challenging ordeal they had faced. Bare’s daughter later confirmed the heartwarming news that her father and Cynthia were found alive and are currently receiving medical treatment. However, the exact condition of the couple and whether they suffered any injuries remain undisclosed at this time, leaving many with hopeful anticipation for their full recovery.

The survival of Jonas Bare and Cynthia Hovsepian in the Alaskan wilderness for eight days is a remarkable tale of human resilience. According to a family member, it’s believed that the couple became disoriented and confused due to the unusual conditions in the state during this time of year. Alaska experiences approximately 20 hours of sunlight per day, paired with temperatures that can drop to as low as 45 degrees during the four hours of twilight, creating a disorienting environment for those unfamiliar with its extreme variations in daylight.

Their family member suggested that this disorientation likely contributed to their becoming lost in the wilderness. It’s clear that Bare and Hovsepian faced significant challenges, and their ability to endure this ordeal speaks to their determination and resourcefulness. Despite being visually impaired and occasionally relying on a cane, Hovsepian, alongside her companion, managed to survive. Bare’s extensive travel experience may have played a role in their resourcefulness and adaptability, enabling them to endure the harsh conditions and ultimately be found alive.

Their survival is a testament to the power of human endurance, the strength of their will to live, and the dedication of those who tirelessly searched for them. The details of their incredible journey and how they managed to persevere in the unfamiliar wilderness remain a mystery, leaving many with a sense of admiration for their tenacity and resilience.


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