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Dana Diab A New York City doctor has been fired after celebrating the massacre of Israelis by the Islamist terror group Hamas. Dr Dana Diab (pictured left), an ER physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, shared an Instagram video showing the attack on the Nova music festival near Gaza where at least 260 people were killed on October 7.

The Palestinian doctor’s caption rejoiced in the barbarity, reading: ‘Zionist settlers getting a taste of their own medicine.’ The posts went viral after being shared by Stop Antisemitism, a US non-profit organization, which warned: ‘Jewish patients beware.’ Diab’s employer, Northwell Health, today replied to Stop Antisemtism on X (formerly Twitter), announcing that she had been dismissed.

‘We’ve been alerted to discriminatory comments that appear to have been posted by a team member regarding the crisis in the Middle East. These views don’t represent Lenox Hill Hospital & Northwell Health & go against our core values. “We are investigating & taking immediate action,” Northwell said. ‘We are deeply sorry for the hurt and offense these comments have caused. These views do not represent Lenox Hill Hospital and Northwell Health and go against our core values. The team member is no longer employed with Northwell.’

Diab’s Instagram account has since been made private. An ‘I stand with Palestine’ flag appears as her profile picture. She insisted to the New York Post that she ‘never called for harm to anyone’ in her post. ‘I never have and never will abdicate my duty and my oath as a physician,’ she added. Diab had formerly worked at Brookdale University Hospital, who told DailyMail.com: ‘Dr. Diab is not an employee of Brookdale and she has not been since 2022. Moreover, her sentiments are not shared by this organization.

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Dana Diab Age is 31 years old.

NYC doctor fired over celebrating massacre of Israelis

Haunting images have since revealed the eerie quiet that settled over the site of the Nova festival that Diab had been referring to. Dozens of cars are pictured abandoned after Hamas stormed the festival near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza Strip, as part of the groups surprise assault. All windows are missing from many of the cars, after attackers wantonly shot at civilians in the early hours of the morning.

Camping gear, including sleeping bags, was left behind as thousands of revelers ran for their lives, as were everyday items, such as bottles of water and items of clothing.Several tents, including those used to host events at the festival, were also abandoned by organizers and festivalgoers alike.

Aerial footage of the festival site, meanwhile, revealed a torched swathe of land, seemingly done by Hamas’ terrorists. Music at the deadly rave, which survivors said initially had ‘good vibes’, was played all night until around 6.30am, when a siren began blaring warning of rockets.

Some 260 people have been confirmed dead at the festival ground, but a number of festivalgoers remain missing – with many fearing they are among those women, children and elderly victims who have been abducted by Hamas.

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One of those abducted from the festival after Hamas descended on the site was Mia Schem (pictured), 21, a French and Israeli citizen. As the murderous gunmen armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns shot at the revelers, Mia’s mother Keren Schem said her daughter sent her friend a panicked message that read: ‘They’re shooting at us.

Please, come save us!’ For more than a week, Keren had no idea if her daughter was dead or alive. But last night, Hamas released chilling footage of Mia pleading with Israeli officials to ‘get her out of Gaza’.


Her heartbroken mother is now ‘begging the world to bring’ her daughter home, with Keren saying she fears what the terrorists will do to ‘her baby’.