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Daniel Moraes Bittar, A Brazilian man who allegedly kidnapped a young girl to be his “sex slave” stuffed her into a suitcase—and was caught on video dragging it, allegedly with the girl inside, down a street and up two flights of stairs.

Daniel Moraes Bittar, 42, was arrested last month in the disturbing incident, in which authorities said he and de ella’s girlfriend Gesielly Souza Vieira, 22, pushed the 12-year-old girl into a car and knocked her out of ella with a chloroform -soaked cloth to her face.

Ella’s girl’s legs were cuffed, and Bittar is accused of threatening her with a knife in the June 28 incident, according to a report in the Daily Mail Saturday, which says he then shoved the child into the suitcase, zipped it up and put it in the trunk.


Daniel Moraes Bittar is 42 years old.

Allegedly Kidnapped Girl to Be Sex Slave and Stuffed Her in Suitcase

He allegedly tossed her phone in a wooded area near Luziania, Brazil, said authorities, who said Bittar later admitted to them that he had “pedophilic inclinations.”

Footage shows Bittar apparently struggling to haul the suitcase down a sidewalk, and up two flights of stairs.

When the girl was rescued inside the apartment, she was covered with bruises, was cuffed to the bed, and had been sexually assaulted, police said. Bittar’s apartment also had electric shock devices, cameras, sex toys, and pornographic material inside, authorities said.

Cops said the couple married the school for three days in advance before pulling off the kidnapping.

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Bittar worked in IT at a bank — and also volunteered at children’s hospitals. He has a daughter.

His girlfriend has two kids and presents herself on social media as a Christian.


The couple face charges of aggravated unlawful restraint, sexual abuse of a minor, and torture. They face up to 30 years in prison.