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Dayjia Blackwell shared videos and photos on her Instagram Stories gleefully documenting the mass looting of several businesses, including an Apple store, Foot Locker, a Lululemon, and a liquor store. The creator, who has nearly 650,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, was seen laughing, clapping and chanting “Let’s go!” she was seen shouting.

As he was taken across the city, he witnessed suspected looters fleeing. Blackwell then continued to film the frenzy on foot, capturing his apparent enthusiasm. “Tell the police they ‘ll put me in jail tonight or there ‘ll be chaos, this will be a movie,” she said at one point in her videos.

Joining the crowd of young people wandering the street, Blackwell said with a laugh at one point: “This is what happens if we don’t get justice in this city.” The influencer’s video showed hordes of looters descending on the Apple store near 15th and Chestnut Street and emerging with iPhones and tablets in hand.

“Free iPhones! “Free iPhones” Blackwell shouted before filming people showing off their stolen electronics. Numerous smartphones and iPads were seen stretching across the ground and stomped on by looters.

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Dayjia Blackwell age is 21 years old.

 Arrested while livestreaming wild looting rampage

Dayjia Blackwell was full of mischief as she told her 181,000 Instagram followers to gather on Walnut Street in downtown Philadelphia at 9 p.m.

By 10 p.m., the teenager who called himself “meatball” online was excitedly filming a crowd looting Apple, Lululemon and Footlocker, then heading to a liquor store where he bragged about buying a bottle of Hennessy himself.

‘Tell the police, if they lock me up tonight everything will be set on fire, it’ll be a movie! Everybody should eat!’ he said confidently to the camera.

It was a quick return to reality for Blackwell when police arrested him in his friend’s car just after midnight.

While he was still filming himself and the night’s events on his Instagram livestream, he tried to talk his way out of the situation.

‘We have nothing to do with this!’ she protested, clearly forgetting the hours of footage she had so eagerly assembled and brazenly shared.

Blackwell is just one of 20-odd looters detained last night following a shocking attack on the city.

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Poorly planned and fruitless thieves destroyed the Apple products they stole when they realized they were being watched. Police said it was an ‘opportunistic’ crime of epic proportions.

Blackwell was at the center of the incident, sharing incriminating images of his friends piling into stores to shoplift by the dozens.

Looters attempted to vaguely link their crimes to Black Lives Matter demonstrations taking place in the city.

Dayjia said on her Instagram account that she was ready to ‘fight injustice’.

Previous legitimate protests were in response to the dismissal of all charges against police officer Mark Dial, who shot and killed armed black motorist Eddie Irizarry on August 14.

Irizarry was armed with a knife, which Irizarry thought was a gun, Dial’s lawyers and associates said.

Police Dial shot him through a closed window.

The judge accepted his plea and dismissed the case, to the dismay of Irizarry’s family.

ABC reported that police detained people ranging from teenagers to young adults and seized a gun. has reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department for comment on the situation.

Just three weeks ago, Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner resigned from his position as the Democrat-run city dealt with a wave of murders and lawlessness.

Danielle Outlaw, 48, Philly’s top cop since February 2020, officially left the department on September 22.

Outlaw’s new role will be Deputy Chief Security Officer at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, where he will oversee airports, bridges, tunnels and other transportation infrastructure in the New York City area.

Before he took office, Philadelphia had seen fewer than 400 homicides each year since 2007. Both 2021 and 2022 have seen more than 500 homicides citywide.

Latest figures up to last Sunday show there have been 302 murders in the city so far this year.

Also reported were 402 rape cases, 58,759 property crime cases, 3,701 aggravated assault cases, and 1,314 shooting victims.

As crime has skyrocketed in Philadelphia, homelessness and street drug use have also become common.


Homeless people and drug addicts often turn to petty theft as a way to support themselves or scrape together enough money to satisfy their addiction.