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Dr.James Michael Ryan.  A 50-year-old dentist and oral surgeon in Maryland is facing more than 50 years in prison for killing his 25-year-old girlfriend last year after taking an overdose of addictive anesthetic drugs at the IV station he set up at home. A jury in Montgomery County on Friday determined that Dr. He negotiated for less than three hours before convicting James Michael Ryan of once for second-degree immoral heart murder and once for manslaughter in the death of Sarah Harris. officials announced.

After a two-week trial, the jurors also found Ryan guilty on charges of possession for the purpose of dispensing midazolam and dispensing ketamine and diazepam.“Dr. James Ryan – a well-trained oral surgeon, skilled at what he does, expert in his field. According to a report by The Washington Post, Montgomery County Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Harrison told jurors: “She knew better than anyone the risks of these drugs.” “And despite her vast knowledge and training in the field, she consistently supplied Sarah Harris with these dangerous, deadly anesthetics for a period of time, even as she watched Sarah Harris deteriorate before her eyes.”


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Accused Of Killing grilfriend, & Incident Detail

“Every time you give her these drugs, whether she’s administering it herself or teaching herself how to administer it, a part of Sarah has died,” Harrison added. Until he gave them to her many times. And he killed her, he killed Sarah Harris. He created that risk.”In a press release, officials said the investigation into Ryan began when authorities responded to a call on January 26, 2022, that Ryan and Harris had overdosed on their rental home on the 13900 block on Godwit Street in Clarksburg, Maryland. According to court documents, Ryan said he went to bed at 10:30pm. He said the alleged victim “is fine when he goes to bed”. But when she came downstairs on January 26, 2022, she told police she found her “unresponsive on the couch with used hypodermic medicine.

” Several bottles filled with needles and bottles of controlled hazardous substances are said to be nearby, court papers say. The press release stated that Harris died there, despite the life-saving measures of Montgomery County Fire Rescue.Ryan was first arrested in March 2022 and charged with Harris’ death.Ryan and Harris first met in the fall of 2020 when he visited his practice for a medical procedure. During the procedure, Harris shared that she has experience working in a dental office. Ryan later contacted Harris about a job at his office. Harris accepted the offer and began working with him as a surgical technician.

Officials said that in January 2021, Harris and Ryan began dating and that Harris was spending “significant time” at Ryan’s home. The duo started living together permanently in the summer of 2021. Despite openly expressed concerns by family members, Harris’ relationship with Ryan continued until he died of an overdose.Authorities said an autopsy determined the cause of death was ketamine and diazepam poisoning. Various medicine bottles, hypodermic needles, syringes and tourniquets were also found in the house. According to text messages obtained by authorities, Harris asked Ryan to provide him with the medications he used in his medical practice. Ryan then told Harris how to use the drugs he provided. The two also discussed ways to make the effects of the drugs stronger and how to help Harris recover from these effects as quickly as possible.




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