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Edna Quintana, 56, has been missing from her hometown of Saguache, Colorado, since May 3.

Police were searching for the mother-of-five in the nearby area of Moffat, late last month when they happened on the remains of Suzanne Morphew.

Morphew, 49, vanished on Mother’s Day 2020 after ostensibly leaving her home in Maysville for an early morning bike ride but never came back. Her case made headlines across the country.

After more than three years, the mother of two was found buried in a shallow grave on Sept. 22, and her remains appeared to have been dispersed, local officials say.

As an investigation into Morphew’s death continues, Quintana’s whereabouts remain unknown.
Quintana’s cousin, Augustina Edwards, told The U.S. Sun she has tried to raise awareness about her beloved relative’s case for months to little avail.

But now, in the wake of the accidental discovery of Suzanne, she is hoping Edna will finally get the attention she says she “deserves.”

“I don’t know what makes a case newsworthy and what doesn’t,” said Edwards, “but Laci Peterson in the 2000s got national attention, Suzanne Morphew got national attention […] but here is a Hispanic female from a very poor community that gets zero attention.

“It was not until Suzanne’s remains were found in the search for Edna that her case got any attention whatsoever – and that’s hugely disappointing for our family.

“We hope she won’t be forgotten now […] she matters just as much as anyone else.”

On the day she vanished, Edna had been out hiking with a “male companion” whom she’d been dating on and off again for a few years, according to Edwards.

The companion – whom The U.S. Sun is choosing not to name at this time because he has not yet been listed as a suspect-she has referenced the hiking trip in posts published on Facebook.

According to Edwards, and Edna’s sister Marilyn, the male companion told police Edna was not able to “keep up” on the hike and returned back in the direction of their car.

When the companion returned to the car later that day, there was reportedly no sign of Edna and he was still in possession of her purse and cell phone.

Edna wouldn’t be reported missing for another three days.

It was a family member who would raise the alarm.

Edna was eventually reported missing to the local sheriff’s office after she missed consecutive visits to Marilyn and her mother’s home-something she’d typically do every day or at least every other day.

“The red flag for our family is that she was not a hiker, she wasn’t a fisherman, and she wasn’t really even an outdoorsy person,” said Edwards.

“Hiking is not a typical activity that Edna would’ve done.

“And she was n’t immediately reported missing to the sheriff’s office, to local search and rescue, or even her family until three days later.

“She has not been seen or heard from since, and I think that’s very suspicious.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been contacted for comment.

Edwards knows little of Edna’s partner but she said she has heard a number of rumors about him and their relationship since she vanished.

Edna Quintana Age

Edna Quintana Age is 69 years old.

Missing of woman

Describing her cousin as a kind and humble person, Edwards said she could not think of a single reason why anyone would wish to do harm to her.

At the same time, there is no way in her mind that Edna would’ve simply taken off of her own volition without telling anyone where she was heading.

Edwards said: “You won’t find a single person in the town of Saguache that has something bad to say about Edna.

“But she unfortunately did n’t keep the best company; it did n’t matter to her what your past was, or what kind of person you are now, she would be your friend because she was just a kind person.

“And maybe someone took advantage of that kindness, we don’t know.

“But she’d never leave her children. She would never and there is simply no good reason for her to disappear like that.”
Edna’s family has received few updates from police, but Edwards said she takes encouragement from the fact that officers are actively out searching for her.

However, as the days continue to tick by, Edwards says she is becoming increasingly retired to the fact that Edna may have succumbed to a tragic fate.

“I’ve accepted that Edna is probably not going to be found alive,” Edwards solemnly stated.

“Her sister and her mother obviously still hold out hope, but, for me, I’m more pragmatic in my thinking.

“I believe that something bad happened to her and she’s no longer with us. That’s my belief.”

In the immediate aftermath of Edna’s disappearance, Edwards said she created fliers to alert the public about her case and sent them out to local media but received little-to-no response.

Instead, she turned to social media in an effort to keep her cousin’s name in the spotlight, but still few leads have so far been yielded.

Even after Morphew’s remains were found, authorities initially stated they had been found during an “unrelated search.”

It was the attorneys for Barry Morphew, Suzanne’s husband and the former lead suspect in her murder case, that first revealed it was Edna they were looking for.

In part, the statement read: “It was the Saguache County Officials that fortunately stumbled upon Suzanne’s remains last week while looking for another missing woman, Edna Quintana.

“What needs to be done instead of pointing fingers at Barry Morphew, is asking the officials about the number of missing people and the number of human remains that have been recovered in or from Saguache County in the recent past.”

The remains of another person, Lakewood resident James Montoya, were found in Saguache County back in July, while the Colorado Bureau of Investigation was also investigating Edna’s disappearance.

Angered at the local authorities’ refusal to acknowledge Edna, Edwards contacted every news agency that published the “unrelated search” statement and demanded they include her name in any story about Morphew.

Though frustrated and upset by the lack of attention Edna’s case has received over the last five months, Edwards is hopeful that the coincidental discovery of Morphew’s remains could breathe new life into the search for Edna.

“I think I speak on behalf of the family that Edna had a purpose in life, and if this was her purpose, you know, God bless these two families that can finally get some closure – we’re happy that they have some closure.

“It’s our hope someone knows where she’s at she, whether she’s alive or not, the lies ca n’t continue on forever, somebody knows something.

“And with the increase in media attention to her case, it’s our hope that somebody will come forward and the pressure will be on them and they will see her face and they will see her name and somebody will come forward due guilt or just the mere “pressure that this case is now getting attention.”

The Quintana family’s quest for increased pressure and attention was aided by Suzanne Morphew’s sister, Melinda Moorman, last week in a statement reflecting on the missing mom’s confirmed death.

“My heart continues to feel a quiet relief and peace with the settled knowing that my beautiful sister, Suzanne Morphew was recently found on Friday, September 22nd,” she began the statement.

Moorman later added: “Today I choose to turn my thoughts and heart to the family of Edna Quintana whose search was the catalyst for my miracle; Suzanne being found.

“I am asking the same loving Social Media community who kept Suzanne alive to now turn their heart of care to the family of Edna Quintana [in] their time of need.

“They wait in the anguish of uncertainty for the discovery of their beloved Edna. Please take a few moments each day and do what you can to keep Edna’s story alive.

“Pray for those in authority. Pray for Edna’s return. Thank you for all who believed that Suzanne would someday be found. We are forever grateful!

“Now it’s Edna who needs your thoughts and prayers. Keep her alive in the social media world. Don’t forget Edna Quintana…she needs you.

“May the God of all mercy grant a miracle for the Quintana family in the discovery and safe return of their beloved Edna back to her family. “Edwards said she was deeply moved by Moorman’s remarks, providing her with a much-needed lift after months of emotional turmoil.

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“I was actually overcome with emotion that, in this very deep dark time in their life, they chose to give Edna’s case some light,” she said.

“I was so moved by it when I saw the statement and I’m sure the rest of my family has been as well.

Addressing Edna directly, she added: “Your family misses you, your family needs you. Come home, no questions asked.”

“We just want you home.

“We want you safe, we love you, and miss you.”

Edna Quintana is described as a Hispanic female with brown hair and brown eyes.

She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs around 110 to 120 pounds. Authorities do not know what she was last seen wearing.

“We encourage the use of the tipline to provide information about Edna Quintana,” said Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick in a statement back in July.


“Someone has that key piece of information that will help us locate Edna.”