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Edward Druzolowski A Florida man was taken into custody after allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor’s son in front of his eight-year-old child following a dispute about tree limbs between their properties.

Edward Druzolowski, 78, is accused of fatally shooting Brian Ford, 42, while the younger man did yardwork for his mother at her home in DeLeon Springs, Volusia County.

On September 17, police received two reports of a shooting around 7.13pm at 1880 Alameda Drive. According to court documents, Druzolowski said he was watching football when his wife told him that Ford was cutting branches on their property.

Druzolowski held the gun behind his back as he went into the yard to approach Ford. He told the younger man to ‘get off’ his property, to which he said Ford responded ‘something to the effect of, “Mind your business.”‘

Druzolowski then pointed his gun at Ford as they continued to argue, according to the older man.

Edward Druzolowski Age

Edward Druzolowski Age is 78 years old.

Shoots and Kills his Neighbor’s 42-year-old son Brian Ford

The 78-year-old threatened to shoot him, even pulling the trigger, as the first two rounds were kept empty ‘for safety reasons.’

When Ford kept moving forward, Druzolowski pulled the trigger again, which set off the gun.

After he shot him, 911 calls were placed. The victim’s mother, Linda Ford, told the police that her son had been trimming the trees at her house when the neighbor shot him. She also said Ford’s eight-year-old son was by his side when the day went off.

‘I need emergency immediately! ‘My neighbor just shot my son!’ the woman said frantically.

In a separate call, Druzolowski insisted that her husband did not mean to kill his neighbor.

‘My husband took his gun but I think he meant to scare him but I think he killed him,’ the woman said.

‘He killed your neighbor?’ the dispatcher said.

‘I think so, he’s not moving.’

The first two deputies on the scene attempted life-saving measures but Ford was pronounced dead once EMS arrived.

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The victim’s mother told WESH 2 that she was barely functioning following the crushing news of her son’s death but she had her grandchildren to think about now. In addition to the 8-year-old, Brian also had an 18-year-old son.

Linda Ford said Brian came over for the weekend for a birthday celebration. He and his younger son were out of eyeshot when a loud noise rang out.

‘I heard a big boom, and then the little one started screaming, “He shot my dad! He shot my dad!”‘ she said.

She insisted that her son was working on her property, not the neighbor’s.

‘My fence is two feet inside my yard. So I go another two feet outside my fenced area,’ she said.

The suspect allegedly pointed the gun at her and her grandson.

‘Ed kept pointing the gun at him. He said, “Shut up, kid,” to him,’ she said.

‘And then Ed was pointing the gun at me. ‘He was walking towards the fence line, and I backed up, and I was screaming through the yard.’

Druzolowski told detectives that he never had problems with Ford before, but he had stopped speaking with the younger man years ago because his ‘reputation’ of getting in trouble with the law ’caused him fear.’

He added that he was trying to avoid being knocked to the ground during the altercation, as it ‘would have hurt really bad’ due to his osteoporosis.

Court documents show that two knives and the chainsaw Ford had been using to cut the trees were found near his body.

But assistant state attorney Dustin Haven said Druzolowski acknowledged that the victim was unarmed and made no threats.

The 78-year-old’s court-appointed public defender, Larry Avallone, pleaded his case for bond before withdrawing as counsel on September 19.

Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood called the crime ‘senseless’ and said he didn’t think it would be covered by the state’s Stand Your Ground rule, which says a person may use deadly force ‘if he or she reasonably believes that using or threatening to ‘use such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm.’


Druzolowski was charged with second-degree murder with a firearm. He is being held without bond at the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach.