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Edwin Castro The man who accused the billionaire Powerball winner – Edwin Castro – of stealing the winning ticket has spoken out after being charged with filing a false police report.

Since Castro, 31, won the Powerball and claimed the lump sum of $997.6 million in February, he has become entangled in a legal battle over the ownership of the ticket with a man named Jose Rivera.

Edwin Castro’s rival continues to demand justice for what he claims to be a stolen lottery ticket – despite being charged with submitting a false police report.
City of Pasadena Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian told DailyMail.com in October that the local police department had turned over the documentation to the City Prosecutor for potential misdemeanor charges for filing a false police report.

Rivera appeared in court for the first time since being charged with filing false police reports – a crime punishable up to $1,000 and six years in jail.
The accuser claims that he bought the winning ticket from Joe’s Service Center in Altadena, California and told the U.S. Sun ‘I was the one who bought the ticket’ and vowed to ‘show everyone that I’m the rightful winner.’

He claimed the ticket had been stolen by his former landlord, Urachi F. Romero, who said blackmailed him unless he agreed to split the winnings.

The $2.04 billion jackpot is the largest to be won so far U.S. history

Rivera alleged that after Romeo ‘stole’ the ticket it somehow ended up in Castro’s hands – but the billionaire’s lawyer David De Paoli said he’s seen surveillance footage proving that his client bought the ticket.

‘I have personally viewed the CCTV footage and it is crystal clear. Edwin Castro purchased the winning Powerball ticket without question,’ the lawyer said.

De Paoli, the Pasadena city prosecutor, turned tables on Rivera after an investigation into his claims.

‘It’s ridiculous that they are trying to put charges on me for my own ticket. “I don’t have words for it,” Rivera said.

He went on: ‘This is war and Imma fight. If God wants me in jail for my own ticket oh well, that’s what he wants. But Imma fight until the end.’

Edwin Castro Age

Edwin Castro Age is 30 years old.

Man who accused $2BILLION ticket breaks silence after he’s charged with filing false police report

‘I want justice and I’m going to show the world. I’m fighting for justice.

‘I’m not hungry for money. I had my own business. ‘I was a gardener and I’m proud of being a gardener and a hard-working man.’

Rivera said he hasn’t been working since the lottery scandal hit headlines.

He showed up to court with a briefcase of paperwork for his ongoing legal battle.

‘It’s gonna blow up. “I don’t want money,” Rivera said. ‘I want the truth. I’m tired.

‘People think I’m stupid. I’m not stupid, I’m actually very, very smart.’
Rivera’s accusations came after Castro had splashed his new cash on all kinds of luxuries – including sports cars and mansions.

He currently owns a white Porsche 911 from the 1980s, a gray Ram 1500 TRX, and three Volkswagen Karmann Ghias, two black and one red.

His latest purchase saw him add a British racing green 1970s Porsche 356 and a black Porsche 1980s 911 to his growing collection.

He has also been spotted at three new homes which include a $25 million house in the Hollywood Hills, followed by an even larger property in Bel Air worth $47 million.

Another of his new homes is a $4million mansion, also in the Los Angeles area that is just 20 miles from his second California complex which he paid $25.5 million for.

Purchasing the lavish home less than a month after his shock Powerball winning came through, Castro’s larger property is situated behind the iconic Chateau Marmont suites.

Counting Ariana Grande and Jimmy Kimmel as his neighbors, the sprawling 13,578-square-foot hillside home which comes complete with a full outdoor kitchen, gym, wine cellar and infinity pool.

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It also features an infinity pool, movie theater and sauna as well as two separate garages that can hold up to seven cars.

The pad was first listed back in July 2022 for $30 million but it appears Castro managed to shave $4.5 million off the headline price.

Other amenities include a game room and bar as well as a fitness studio with a hot and cold plunge, a dry sauna and steam shower.

Meanwhile, his sprawling 13,500-square-foot hillside estate in Bel Air comes complete with a full outdoor kitchen, gym, wine cellar and infinity pool.


It also features an infinity pool, movie theater and sauna as well as two separate garages that can hold up to seven cars