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Fallon Bramall, The ex-girlfriend of a former cage fighter has told how he left her for dead after a devastating 10-hour attack when he used her as a human punch bag – and condemned the brute’s ‘soft’ jail sentence of fewer than four years.

Fallon Bramall, 39, was set upon by mixed martial arts (MMA) expert Leigh Hancock, 36, leaving her ‘unrecognizable’ with a broken nose, fractured eye socket, a fractured jaw, and bites to her face and body during the lengthy ordeal.

Speaking after Hancock was handed a 40-month jail term at Derby Crown Court, Miss Bramall said: ‘I can’t believe that’s all he got. He deserves so much more.


Fallon Bramall is 39 years old.

Ex-girlfriend Reveals How Brutish eE-Cage Fighter Boyfriend Left Her For Dead

‘Our justice system is a complete joke. He should have been taught a lesson.’

Hancock, sentenced on April 28, was given 24 months for making threats to kill and 16 months for assault causing ABH, to run consecutively.

He received an extra one month behind bars for damaging property.

Describing the attack, the former cleaner and now full-time mother-of-two Miss Bramall, believed she would die and never see her children again.

She said: ‘I thought he was going to kill me. He’s an ex-MMA fighter and he practiced his moves on me.

‘All I kept thinking was how I’d never see my kids again. I was in so much pain and was covered in blood.

‘He just flipped and left me for dead. I’m lucky to be alive.’

The attack happened at Fallon’s flat in Dronfield, Derbyshire, in July last year, when he locked her inside before launching his vicious assault.

Afterward, Hancock held a knife to her throat as he forced her to make him a sausage sandwich.

The pair had only been dating for around two months when Hancock ‘saw red’.

Miss Fallon said ‘It seemed to last forever but eventually he stopped.

‘He rang his pal to come and get him and threatened to kill my children if I told anyone.

‘(Afterwards) I called my friend who came round to help me. I begged her not to call the police because I was so terrified of him but she did.

‘I’m so grateful for that now.’

Miss Fallon first met Hancock around 15 years ago through a gym.

She said he’d been an ‘absolute gentleman’ in the very beginning but things quickly turned sour.

Miss Fallon said: ‘He didn’t work and I did everything for him – I fed him, washed his clothes, paid for things.

‘He was always very insecure about himself but I’d never in a million years known he was capable of such violence.’

Miss Fallon had to undergo treatment in hospital for her injuries and had to have her nose straightened.

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She now suffers from mental health problems and is on anti-anxiety medication.

As well as the jail sentence, Hancock was given a three-year four-month restraining order and is prohibited from contacting the victim either directly or indirectly for 10 years.


He must also not go within 500 meters of either her home address or workplace. Hancock was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £280 plus costs of £228.