Who is Fraser Michael Bohm? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Murder charges after new evidence emerges

Fraser Michael Bohm Wiki- Fraser Michael Bohm Biography

Fraser Michael Bohm, 22, lost control of his car on a stretch of highway, crashing into parked vehicles that hit the Pepperdine University seniors on October 17.

Bohm was initially taken into custody on suspicion of manslaughter before being released following the horror crash in Malibu, California, per cops.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Bohm was released so cops could gather more evidence, including toxicology reports and speed analysis.

He has since been re-arrested and charged with murder, according to cops in Los Angeles. Bohm’s bail has been set at $8 million.

Students Niamh Rolston, Peyton Stewart, Asha Weir, and Deslyn Williams were killed after being hit.

They were all sorority sisters at the college.

Cops said Bohm lost control of his car, before smashing into other vehicles and crashing into the students.

Two other victims were injured in the smash on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Police believe Bohm crashed into at least three parked vehicles.

LASD Captain Jennifer Seetoo said: “Subsequently, those vehicles hit four female adults standing on the side of the roadway near the parked vehicles.”

Following their initial investigation, police said it didn’t appear Bohm was street racing.

Heartbreaking tributes have been paid to the victims of the crash by their grieving families.

Vinita Weir, Asha’s mother, told NBC News that she had expected to see her daughter back home in Ireland for Thanksgiving.

She said: “I dropped her to Philadelphia airport on Tuesday morning, and she told me she did n’t really want to go back this time but she was excited to be coming home again at Thanksgiving.

Fraser Michael Bohm Age

Fraser Michael Bohm Age is 22 years old.

Murder charges after new evidence emerges

“I miss her and don’t know how to do life without her.”

Vinita said Asha had the biggest heart and a beautiful soul.

She said: “She had the biggest heart, a beautiful soul, an empath always caring for others and carrying their burdens.”

It emerged that Asha was considering working in the UK after graduation.

Barry Stewart, Peyton’s dad, said his daughter loved sushi and described her as a go-getter.

He told Fox News: “I’m going to miss her terribly. Every friend and the rest of her family feel the same way.

“I guess the thing we remember about Peyton is her kindness and her love.”

Meanwhile, Niamh’s dad David Rolston told The Pepperdine Graphic: “Niamh wasn’t shy to tell people she loves them.”

Niamh, an athlete, took part in cheerleading, and gymnastics and was a pole vaulter.

Nora Moriarty-McLaughlin said Deslyn had a bubbly spirit, per People.

The university has since held memorial services for the students and their friends have been left in mourning.

Fellow senior Aubrey Lewis said: “I keep looking and expecting to see her [Niamh] there and you know I ca n’t see her anymore.”

The stretch of highway is known as Dead Man’s Curve and it has seen dozens of fatal crashes in the last decade.

It is the subject of the 2023 documentary 21 Miles in Malibu.

Teenager Emily Shane was killed after she was hit by a car driven by Sina Khankhanian in 2010.

Emily died at the scene and Khankhanian was found guilty of second-degree murder in May 2012.

Khankhanian was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison following his trial.

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Kim Howe was killed in 2016, while Brooke Hawley was among three people killed in a horror smash in 2018.

The car Hawley was inside was hit by another engine driven by Bani Duarte. Duarte was sentenced to 51 years of life in prison.

One woman, who hasn’t been identified, told KTLA: “Every six months, there’s another accident.


“There was one three months ago, there was one four months ago, and they are all within these five to six houses.”

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