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Georgia Bilham, A British woman is standing trial for allegedly tricking a female teen into having a romantic relationship by posing as a man and forcing her nearsighted lover to remove her glasses during sex.

Georgia Bilham, 21, is accused of duping the 19-year-old woman by creating fake media accounts that used the alias “George Parry” and messaging the teen under the username “George_132,” the Telegraph reported.

Every online profile featured a cartoon image of a blond man wearing sunglasses.


Georgia Bilham is 21 years old.

Accused of Duping Nearsighted Female Teen into Sex

The couple eventually met in early 2021 and became romantically involved under false pretenses, the Chester crown court was told, according to the news outlet.

The key element in the alleged ruse was that the woman had “very poor” vision and was implored by Bilham to remove her glasses before sexual encounters — making her “essentially blind,” the jury was told.

“It is a case about this defendant deceiving someone that she was, in fact, a young man,” prosecutor Anna Pope said in her opening statement.

“And that means, we say, that all the sexual activity that took place between those two people, was based on a false pretense — and so did not involve true consent,” she told the jury.

Bilham faces 17 counts, including sexual assault and assault by penetration.

She has denied all the charges as the trial continued.

The defendant allegedly told her catfishing victim that she wore men ‘s clothing and hooded sweatshirts due to her purported links to an Albanian crime gang, according to the report.

During sex, the teen tried to remove Bilham’s Calvin Klein boxer shorts, but the suspect reacted by shaking and refusing to disrobe because “he” was self-conscious about stabbing scars, the London Times said.

The alleged victim reportedly became frustrated that her lover “gave excuses” and appeared to be unwilling to be touched intimately.

On one occasion, police referred to “George” as “Georgia” after a traffic accident.

When the teen asked her about the female name, Bilham told her it was a fake driver ‘s license, the Telegraph reported.

But the victim grew increasingly suspicious and asked her lover for proof of identity.

Bilham claimed she did not have a passport and provided photos of a young blond man.

The jig finally up in August 2021, when the victim introduced Bilham to her mother — who immediately suspected that the boyfriend was not actually a man.

“Just admit you’ve been caught out, I know more than enough now,” the victim finally wrote the woman after doing online research.

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Bilham allegedly responded: “I don’t even dress like a lad, it just took over my life.”

After being arrested, she refused to answer any questions from investigators, the court heard.

Pope said it was unclear if Bilham was sexually attracted to the younger woman or whether she “gained some form of buzz from duping” her.


The jury was told the defense team will question whether the alleged woman knew that “George” was really a woman.