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Hadasa Karvavanibozak The woman who allegedly threw coffee at a man wearing a Palestinian scarf and his child at a Brooklyn playground has surrendered to the police.

Hadasa Karvavanibozak, 48, turned herself in to the NYPD Tuesday morning after cops identified her as the one who attacked Ashish Prashar.

Locals near Edmonds Playground in Fort Greene had also printed out photos of her and plastered them across walls and storefronts.
She was accused of attacking and yelling at 40-year-old Prashar and his 18-month-old son at Edmonds Playground on DeKalb Ave in Fort Greene on November 7.

Karvavanibozak is charged with a hate crime, reckless endangerment, and aggravated harassment.

After she surrendered, the police confirmed that Karvavanibozak was not the other child’s mother and Prashar believed she was a hired nanny.
Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said: ‘A lot of investigative work went into this case to identify her.

‘Some CrimeStopper tips, some good computer work in the area led us to a building that we believe she lived in and based on that we were able to get a good identification.’

Prashar told Dailymail.com that his 18-month-old son was playing basketball with the woman’s child when she approached and asked if Prashar supported Hamas.

Hadasa Karvavanibozak Age

Hadasa Karvavanibozak Age is 48 years old.

Accused of throwing hot coffee and attacking the duo while asking if they supported Hamas

When Prashar told the woman he did not want to answer, she started yelling at him to get away from her and her child. ‘She said get out of here really aggressively, my son was behind me,’ he said.

This prompted the distressed father to whip out his phone and film the woman as she approached him, throwing a cup of coffee and her phone in his direction.

Prashar claims the woman called him a terrorist before hurling the drink, but the video only captures the part where she says, ‘Get away, get away, get away from me.’

When he stopped recording, the woman continued to approach him, hitting him on the hand multiple times.

‘When someone asks you a proactive question, they are not looking for a real answer,’ he said. ‘I wanted to de-escalate.’

‘I feel sad my last experience he has been a target of a hate crime at 18 months,’ he said. ‘He knew something was wrong – he knew something was off. I held him there and told him that he was loved.’

The father was wearing a keffiyeh scarf, a popular Middle-Eastern headscarf.

He later told New York Magazine: ‘She said, ‘You don’t belong here.’ ‘I’m Jewish American, and you don’t belong here!’

‘As a person of color, when they add ‘American,’ I know what that means — it doesn’t mean just the playground. She screamed it a couple more times and got quite in my face about it.

She said, ‘All Arab people are dogs. And do you know your people burn babies in ovens? ‘I hope someone burns your child in an oven’.’

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He believed he was attacked because of the color of his skin and the keffiyeh scarf he was wearing.

In an X (formerly Twitter) post last week, the victim clarified that he is Punjabi and supports Palestine.

‘l’m not Palestinian. l’m Punjabi. But my ancestors survived the European invasion of my homeland. They killed 100,000,000 of my people through colonial policies.

‘And so I advocate for Palestine because I can’t stand by as history is repeated. In that way, l’m also Palestinian’ Prashar said.

He also told the Magazine that the scarf was a gift he received from a Palestinian woman in 2011 after he worked on economic projects in Ramallah to help the West Bank economy with Tony Blair.


Last night, after videos of their interactions went viral, a sign was placed on the cart that reads: ‘The Upper East Side Stands with You.’