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Heidi Firkus On the morning of April 25, 2010, Heidi called the police to report that someone was breaking into her home.
While she is giving the name of her address, Heidi suffered a fatal gunshot to her back.

The call ended abruptly.

A minute later, Heidi’s husband Nick also calls 911 and reports that he and his wife have been shot.

Nick’s story about the events leading up to Heidi’s death did not fully add up, and authorities continued to investigate the role he played in the case, as reported by ABC News.
Nick originally told the police an intruder broke into their home, grabbed his shotgun and shot her dead during a struggle.

Heidi Firkus Age

Heidi Firkus Age is 25 years old.

Murder after her harrowing 911 call and killer husband’s suspicious excuse

As the publication noted, the house showed no signs of a break-in, and the only DNA found on the shotgun belonged to Nick.

“It never felt right,” one investigator said.

“The story never made sense to me.
“He [Nick] tells investigators that he grabbed a shotgun, loaded it with two shells and then proceeded to have Heidi go down the stairs in front of him towards the very door that this alleged burglar was at.

“Why would you send the unarmed person down in front of you is beyond me.

“To me, there were only two people in that house when Heidi was killed.

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“Nick and Heidi.”

In May of 2021, Nick was arrested and charged with first and second-degree murder.

According to prosecutors, his motivation revolved around financial struggles.

As ABC News stated, prosecutors said he killed his wife to “hide from the shame” brought on by the monetary difficulties.

On February 10, 2023, Nick was found guilty of both murder charges after the jury took ten hours to decide his fate.


He was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Thursday, April 13, 2023.