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Jada Moore was the granddaughter of the two accused. They reportedly took her with them with the promise of “a better home life” after the child’s mother had “fallen on hard times.” As per the incident report, Jones spoke with the investigators and told them, “She is Moore’s grandmother and that she and Elwoods are currently Moore’s guardians. Jones states that Moore has a history of ‘pooping’ on herself. The last time she defecated on herself, Elwoods told her that he was going to punish her by whipping her with a belt.”

And on July 14, he allegedly did what he had said earlier after discovering that Moore had soiled herself again. The alleged killer then “grabbed a belt and proceeded to strike Moore on her buttocks between 10 to 12 times. After Moore was struck the final time, she fell on the family room floor and was unresponsive,” the grandmother stated as mentioned in the report, which also added, “Elwoods and his wife, Lisa C. Jones…were the only people inside the residence when [Jada] was injured.”


Jada Moore died at the age of 5 years old.

Grandparents Killed Five Year old Girl For Soiling Herself

The grandparents of a little girl are facing murder charges after they allegedly took her life from her for soiling herself. The 62-year-old Klent Elwoods, and his wife, Lisa Jones, 58, have been slapped with one count each of murder in the first degree after the death of Jada Moore. The five-year-old died due to “[m]ultiple injuries due to child abuse” and her manner of death de ella was termed homicide, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office’s spokesperson said.

Law & Crime citing prosecutors reported that it was the child’s grandfather who called 911 on Friday night, July 14, claiming, “I was beating my little grandmother and now she is out of it.” Besides, as per an incident report by Park Forest Police Department, the elderly man also stated that “[Jada] had defecated on herself and he began to beat her.”

The victim had ‘bruises, abrasions and scars in various stages of healing’

The victim had ‘bruises, abrasions and scars in various stages of healing’
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Meanwhile, it has been said that Moore was first given CPR by the EMTs at home before being taken to Comer Children’s Hospital via air. However, despite all the efforts, the girl could not be saved and she lost her life on Saturday, July 15. Later, an autopsy was carried out on her, which revealed she had numerous “bruises, abrasions and scars in various stages of healing” all over her body along with internal avulsion pockets , The New York Postreported.

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Prosecutors reportedly told the court on Monday, July 17, “Avulsion pockets are commonly seen in car accident injuries due to the force required to cause such an injury. The avulsion pockets are indicative of the victim losing blood into the soft tissue and are more dangerous in children due to their overall lower volume of blood.”