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James Dunmore.  Graham McGrath Wiki, Graham McGrath James Dunmore, boyfriend of Allisha Watts, the woman who went missing in North Carolina, was arrested for murder after investigators found a body believed to belong to Watts on Thursday.The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office announced Dunmore’s arrest in Charlotte on Thursday and confirmed a report from Watts’ family that Dunmore was detained at his University City home. He was detained by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and is being held at the Montgomery County Jail without any bail. Joanna Callicutt, assistant court clerk for Montgomery County, told WCNC Charlotte they expect Dunmore to appear in court on Monday, August 28.

io,Graham McGrath Age,Graham McGrath family,Graham McGrath Cause of Death. The video, obtained by WCNC Charlotte, shows Dunmore handcuffed outside the house and multiple detectives watching over him. The announcement came shortly after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police announced that the case was no longer considered a missing persons investigation.The sheriff’s office said a body was found on Thursday and investigators believe the remains are that of Allisha Watts. The 39-year-old Moore County woman was last seen alive on July 16 leaving Dunmore’s home. The body was found near the Richmond-Montgomery county border in the small town of Norman, along Interstate 74.


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Charged with murder of Allisha Dene, & Incident Detail

At a press conference, Montgomery County Sheriff Pete Herron said their hearts are with the family during this time. Herron said the investigation is still ongoing and “there is still a lot of work to be done”.Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields said the office continues to assist the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as the investigation continues.”This was not the outcome we had hoped for, but our hearts go out to Ms. Watts’ family and friends,” said Fields. “He had a huge following with him and we were hoping for a better result again.”Fields said they would do everything they could to “raise Miss Watts’ name” and that it would be “a day of reckoning”.

“Allisha baby, we love you and we tried, we tried. We didn’t give up,” Watts’ friend Brittany Harris told WCNC Charlotte.Watts was supposed to attend a comedy show at the Bojangles Coliseum on July 16, but family members said he would never be able to attend. According to the recently issued 911 call, his vehicle was not at Dunmore’s home hours later.”It was early Monday morning when his car hit the road,” the caller told 911 attendants. “I went out and looked across the street and saw that his car was gone. I said he must have been home too. That’s what I thought, but now they said he never came home. And today is Wednesday. He was found unresponsive in Watts’ Mercedes-Benz SUV outside his office.

The next day, July 19, his family reported Watts missing.On July 20, investigators found a shell casing near Dunmore’s home. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the shell casing belonged to a 9mm pistol. WRAL-TV in Raleigh reported that Dunmore had a criminal history in Virginia that included convictions for kidnapping, assault and assault, as well as stalking. Court orders revealed that the CMPD returned to Dunmore’s home on July 26 to look for evidence that could be used to cover up a murder.Detectives were looking for a range of evidence, ranging from firearms and other weapons to cell phones and DNA evidence. The CMPD confiscated clothes, mobile phones, camera, tablet, laptop, memory card, sticks and photos from the house.

Watts’ younger sister, Tammy Utley, asked Dunmore to provide answers to her family about what happened the night Watts disappeared.”Enough, James Dunmore, it’s time to give him back to us!” In a letter she shared with Jane Monreal of WCNC Charlotte, Utley wrote: “Give him back to our family, friends and our devoted community because the truth is we won’t stop saying his name and asking the necessary questions that need to be asked!” WCNC Charlotte is committed to reporting issues faced by the communities we serve. We tell stories of people working to solve persistent social problems. We examine how problems can be solved or addressed to improve quality of life and make a positive difference. WCNC Charlotte is looking for solutions for you. Send your tips or questions to:



The teen was laid to rest at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at the Trilha do Ceu cemetery.