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James Gina III,  A man accused of killing his girlfriend reportedly kept her body in his residence for multiple days before police arrested him, according to an arrest report from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

James Gina was arrested Aug. 14 on a murder charge after police found his girlfriend, identified in an arrest report as Celina Rebholz, dead inside his residence. According to a tipster, Rebholz was killed two days prior and Gina was about to try and move her body when police took him into custody.

The tipster went to an LVMPD substation on Aug. 14 to report a homicide at the apartment in the 1600 block of Golden Arrow, near Desert Inn and Maryland Parkway. The person reporting told police they were fearful for their life in reporting the killing.


James Gina III age is 50 years old:

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Accused of killing girlfriend 

The person said on Aug. 12, Gina had threatened his girlfriend’s life during a verbal argument. Gina reportedly said “I’ll put three in you,” referencing shooting her three times, an arrest report said. The person reportedly left the apartment and when they returned three hours later, Gina was reportedly “frantic and distraught” and the girlfriend was on the floor of a bedroom with a bullet hole in her chest, but alive. The person wanted to call an ambulance but left because “he didn’t know what to do and could not deal with the situation,” the arrest report said.When the person returned to the home the next day,

The girlfriend was no longer there and Gina said that he put his girlfriend’s body in the attic, an arrest report said.The person said Gina also got a rental car and assumed Gina would use the car to move the woman’s body, the report said.Police interviewed two other people who backed up the tipster’s story. A second person told police that Gina had texted him, “She’s gone, she’s dead,” after the shooting, but the person said they deleted the text messages because he didn’t want anything related to the murder on his phone. This second person also said that Gina asked for a ride to the airport to get a rental car because he didn’t want to move his girlfriend’s body in his own car because she “was beginning to emit a foul odor,” the report said.

A third person also backed up the shooting story, but said Gina told her that he was fiddling with a gun and accidentally shot her, the report said.
Police enter the home on Aug. 14 at about 7:30 p.m., only five hours after the person reported the homicide, and took Gina into custody.Police found the deceased, identified as Rebholz, on a couch in Gina’s room covered by a blanket.LVMPD found 12 apparent gunshot wounds to the woman’s body, and there were multiple defects on the couch she was on consistent with bullet holes, the report said.When police interviewed Gina, he said he didn’t want to give a statement.According to court records, Gina pleaded not guilty to the shooting on Aug. 17. Gina was not granted bail and a preliminary hearing was set for Sept. 5.



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