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Jana Bradford, the 54-year-old prosecuting attorney for Arkansas’ 9th Judicial District West and niece of 59-year-old convicted sex offender Barry Walker has been accused of “actively working to protect her uncle.” Walker was arrested in June 2022 after hundreds of homemade videos were found of him raping girls aged between two and 14 at his home in Glenwood, Arkansas.

According to Daily Mail, a civil lawsuit was filed alleging a cover-up by the Walkers ‘inner circle,’ including Bradford, who was elected in May 2022, just days before her uncle’s home was raided. As per NBC News, the lawsuit stated that Bradford and other family members regularly “saw prepubescent females riding in Barry’s truck around Glenwood, riding horses with Barry at the fairgrounds, hanging out at Barry’s house, and regularly spending the night.” However, they took no action.


Jana Bradford is 54 years old.

Arkansas Prosecutor Accused of Protecting Convicted Rapist Uncle

Walker is a former Army veteran and ex-Air Force flight surgeon practicing medicine in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He pleaded guilty to abusing at least 31 girls from 1997 onwards, and in October 2022 received 39 life sentences totaling 1,710 years in prison with no chance for parole. While his girlfriend, Lori Cogburn, brother Bryce Walker, and another niece have been criminally charged with covering up for him, to varying degrees.

Prior to this, in the years 2004, 2006, 2010, and in 2014, he was accused of abusing children. But it was in 2014, he got arrested and booked into jail after a four-year-old girl accused him of sexually abusing her. As per NBC News, Bradford and other family members posted his $25,000 bond, hired a lawyer for him, paid his employees, and kept his construction business running. Bradford sent a letter to prosecutor Blake Batson pleading his case. Following this, charges were dropped.

In 2018, Bradford wrote to ask that her uncle should be removed from the sex offenders’ registry. In a letter to Daniel Shue, the prosecuting attorney, Bradford wrote, “I have a relative [who] was convicted of a sex offense back in 2000. He had not been charged with any other felony crimes since the date of this conviction. Due to the fact that it has been more than 15 years since he was required to be placed on the registry, I have filed the attached petition to be removed from the sex offenders’ registry.”

However, Bradford has denied doing anything to protect Walker and said that she was not aware that he sexually abused children. Her attorney Erin Casinelli said, “Ms. Bradford denies in the most emphatic terms possible that she knew Barry Walker was molesting children or that she did anything whatsoever to conceal his depraved behavior. Since Ms. Bradford did not even know about Barry Walker’s continuing criminal acts, she certainly cannot be held responsible for his actions and the harm he caused,” and added that the allegations about Bradford are “absolutely false.”

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Cassinelli further spoke about the letters. The attorney said that they were sent ‘in her capacity as a private attorney” and “included routine matters handled by attorneys for clients in jurisdictions around the country.” And further added, “There is no basis to suggest she thereby became responsible for the acts of another person.”


Carter, the lawyer representing victims in the civil suit, said that Bradford was “actively working to protect her uncle against these claims even while she was a deputy prosecutor.” While the lawsuit stated that it “may well be the falsest claim ever made in a legal filing in the State of Arkansas.”