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Jared M. Boyce, A member of a white nationalist group Patriot Front is facing up to 30 years behind bars after pleading guilty to child porn charges.

Utah native Jared M. Boyce, 28, was one of 31 members of the extremist group arrested last year after they were found in the rear of a U-Haul van, planning to disrupt and intimidate an LGBTQ pride event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

A month after his arrest, the FBI searched Boyce ‘s phone and found images of children performing sex acts, according to court documents obtained by Fox13.

Boyce admitted to possessing the images and to sending a photo of his genitals to a 16-year-old girl, according to the court documents.

He has been locked up at the Utah County jail since March 10, according to jail records.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.


Jared M. Boyce is 28 years old.

Patriot Front Member Facing 30 Years For Child Porn Charges

Boyce is still facing charges of misdemeanor criminal conspiracy in Kootenai County, Idaho. He is one of only 6 of the 31 to be charged in connection to the pride parade incident. Only one of the six, Alexander Sisenstein, has been convicted, according to Fox 13.

He pleaded guilty in November to a count of disturbing the peace and was sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation and a $500 fine.

The Patriot Front — an organization formed in the aftermath the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. in 2017 — is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Boyce’s arrest came as Patriot Front members attempted to storm a gay pride event in June 2022.

Dressed in the usual Patriot Front outfit of tan pants, navy shirt and white mask, the men were seen before their arrest in riot gear in a rented U-Haul truck.

Police say the group had been plotting to incite violence at the event, and footage from the large-scale arrest shows dozens of men with wearing shirts branded ‘reclaim America’.

They were joined by several other far-right extremist factions as they gathered to accuse the LGBTQ group of being ‘groomers’ and spark a riot.

But a tip-off from the public allowed police to intercept them before they made it to the event, and Boyce was taken into custody alongside three dozen others.

He has been in Utah County jail since March 10, and faces an additional charge of criminal conspiracy related to his involvement in the Idaho pride event.

The Patriot Front has captured headlines in recent years after routinely arriving unannounced at events across the nation with the intent of causing chaos.

At the bungled pride event riot, police seized a number of weapons from the group, including at least one smoke grenade, a collection of several shields and shin guards, and documents that included an ‘operations plan’ from the group, found by officers in the U-haul.

The Patriot Front was founded in 2017 by Thomas Ryan Rousseau, who was among those also arrested alongside Boyce.

Cited as one of the largest producers of white supremacist propaganda, the group was created by Rousseau in the aftermath of the infamous 2017 white nationalist ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Members base their beliefs in an extreme ideology that since their white ancestors conquered America, the country should be left exclusively to them. On its website, the group says its activism is fueled by a belief that ‘America will be unshackled by tyrannical rule.’

A leader of the group previously stated on a podcast in July 2022 that the organization aims to ‘make the men who will make the nation’.

‘We’re creating an organization that can become a legitimate body of rulemaking… our ideology demands that we stand up for something,’ he added.

Members routinely graffiti and place stickers on structures across the nation, and it claims Massachusetts and Texas are the most commonly hit regions.

The group regularly join other protest groups unannounced, and reportedly aim to avoid counter protests by holding events without permits or outside press.

They have made several headline grabbing appearances in recent months, including a menacing march on the Capitol in Washington DC.

The extremists were escorted by police along the National Mall while they chanted the movement’s catchphrase: ‘Life, liberty and victory’.

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In a video posted to Telegram, a Patriot Front member leaving the march said it was a ‘good demonstration’ and the militants ‘stayed tight and stayed in formation’.

‘Put simply, we’ll be back,’ he added in a chilling warning.

The mask-wearing extremists also sparked fury when they attempted to disrupt SatanCon in April.


Billed as ‘the largest Satanic gathering in history’, Patriot Front members were seen brandishing crucifixes as they confronted the Satanists.