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Jennifer Mendez Olascoaga, 24, was last seen on the night of September 27 after dropping a friend off at home.

“We’re just out here on Belt Line trying to get maybe some footage, spread the word out here if anybody saw her last. “You know, just trying to get something,” Olascoaga’s brother-in-law, Marco Barroso, told local NBC affiliate KXAS.

Barroso said that late last week, the family learned of new surveillance footage from the night Olascoaga disappeared.

She was spotted at a QuickTrip gas station in Seagoville, Texas, just southeast of Dallas, shortly after 8pm on September 27.

Minutes earlier, she was seen dropping off a friend at the Creekside Mobile Home Park in Seagoville.
The next morning, Olascoaga’s car, a white 2015 Buick La Crosse, was found abandoned about 10 minutes away in Mesquite.

Olascoaga’s phone and purse were missing from the car, and family members said the driver’s seat was positioned differently from how the young woman usually sets it.

Her family officially reported her missing on September 28 after she failed to show up to work in Dallas.

But because Olascoaga was last seen in Seagoville, the case was handed over to police there on October 1.

Jennifer  Mendez  Olascoaga  Age

Jennifer  Mendez  Olascoaga  Age is 24 years old.

Loved ones sent chilling texts over a week after she vanished

In a statement regarding the investigation provided to The U.S. Sun, Seagoville Police said: “This investigation is fluid, and detectives are following up on all leads received.”

Olascoaga is a special education teacher’s assistant in Dallas, Barroso said.

In addition to the surveillance footage, family members told KXAS that Olascoaga’s phone was last active at 10pm on the night she went missing.

Her family members have also shared the chilling text messages forwarded to them from her friends in the days after she disappeared.

“We got some random text messages, a friend of hers got them, ‘hey are you missing someone,’ ‘you’re never gonna find her and you’re never gonna see her again,'” Barroso told local Fox affiliate KDFW.

But the phone number that he sent the messages has not been traceable.

Police believe that the messages indicate foul play in Olascoaga’s disappearance.

“These text messages contained content that would lead one to believe that Jennifer’s disappearance may involve foul play,” the Seagoville Police Department said in a statement.

More than a week after her disappearance, the search for Olascoaga continues.

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After her vehicle was found, Olascoaga’s family searched the surrounding area.

“It’s horrible in there. “There’s a lot of thorns and everything,” Olascoaga’s cousin Litzy Mendez told KXAS.

“We tried to search around here just to see if we could find evidence like shoes or wallet or phone but there’s nothing, like no clue whatsoever that will take us to her.”

Barroso told KXAS that the family doesn’t believe Olascoaga disappeared by choice.

They said she enjoyed her job and that her car was nearly paid off.

The family has continued to canvas the area with signs plastered with Olascoaga’s face.

Olascoaga is 5-foot-4, weighs about 250 pounds, and speaks English and Spanish.

“I have hope that she’s OK somewhere, but it’s very hard to talk about that,” said Barroso.

“If you know anything, if you’ve seen that car here on Belt Line that night, maybe she was being followed by somebody that night. “If anything, call the police department.”


The U.S. Sun has reached out to the Seagoville Police Department for an update.