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John Hallett.  I lost my wife and my best friend in August of 2009.To the Army, his Soldiers, and his colleagues, he was Captain John Hallett. To me, he was the red-haired man I had known since kindergarten. When I was in high school on a mission trip to Mexico, I told my friends that “…someday I’m going to marry John Hallett.”

There was a day and military life was like a whirlwind. Moving, being sent to Iraq, a baby born in Georgia, the next being born in Louisiana, long term studies, missed vacations, and frequent goodbyes. Normal but somewhat disturbing adventures carried by military families. I was pregnant with our third child in 2009 when John and his unit deployed to Afghanistan.

Six weeks after I took office, at my first family prep meeting, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Lisa, come with me,” said the rear platoon commander. “Bring your stuff.” He took me to a room where two uniformed officers were reading a script: “The Secretary of Defense regrets to inform you that your husband, Captain John L. Hallett, is believed to have died in the fires. …” I stopped listening when they said the word “I believed”. I had a three week old baby.They must be wrong.


John Hallett age is 48 years old:

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Accused Of Killing his Roommate, & Incident Detail

But they were not wrong. John was killed, along with three other brave soldiers, on August 25, 2009, on his way home from delivering medicine to a cholera-stricken village.John – Captain Hallett, my best friend, my husband, our children’s father – was not coming home.As we began to walk down this broken road, my sadness frightened the children and threatened to swallow me whole. I realized I didn’t want to live a life paralyzed by my heartbreak. I wanted an inspiring, motivated and determined life.

Throughout John’s military career I had relied on running and started running again, finding the strength and stamina I needed to mend my broken heart. In the midst of this complex recovery and running for miles, I worked with a community of wives and together we founded the national nonprofit, Wear Blue: Run to Remember.Instead of being condemned for his death, I chose to live inspired by John’s life.Every day, every moment, in every breath there is an opportunity to see, do and be more. John died while serving others. To honor his sacrifice is to imitate his example; is to approach each day with the heart of serving others. As long as we can, we will repay the society that has given us so much.

He would have a lot to miss in the years following his death, but John exists in the world around us. His smile, his determination to always choose the hard right over the easy wrong, his meticulous attention to detail, his tireless work ethic, his enthusiastic devotion to his family and friends… all embodied in his children. And every time someone says his name, learns his story, and chooses to live a little bigger, a little kinder, a little braver, John lives.Lisa Hallett is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Wear Blue: Run to Remember, a global community that honors the service and sacrifice of the American military through active remembrance.

From the Gold Star Youth Mentoring Program, a tribute to the Wear Blue Mile, to the Saturday Run communities around the world, Wear Blue empowers the families of martyrs, supports the military, and honors the martyrs. Join Wear Blue this Memorial Day to honor our nation’s martyred military heroes. By visiting https://www.wearblueruntoremember.org/ and committing to meaningful remembrance. Wear Blue will give you the name of a martyred soldier to honor with your steps. Join us in honoring and remembering the 65,502 soldiers who gave their lives since the Vietnam War, while their peers were alive.


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