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Jonathan Gilbert, Three teenagers have been pressed with felony murder charges after they allegedly took the life of a man. Sydney Maughon and Jeremy Munson, both 18 and 19-year-old McKenzie Davenport allegedly murdered Jonathan Gilbert on 3 July after an egging prank went wrong.

In a press release, Spalding County Sheriff’s Office stated, “It appears that there was an ongoing lovers’ quarrel, and the suspects decided to go to Gibert’s residence and vandalize by egging it. When Gilbert saw what the suspects were doing to his residence, he came out of the house unarmed, to confront them.


Jonathan Gilbert’s age is unknown.

Charges & Cause of Death

Gilbert, also known as Tyler Lane, was fatally shot when he confronted the accused killers for their egging prank. Reports have said that it was Maughon, who was sitting on the backside of the car, who pulled the trigger and shot him numerous times. The victim’s body was later discovered by cops in the middle of Dobbins Mill Road.

Though the trio soon fled the scene after allegedly killing Gilbert, they were all caught and taken into custody. “Investigators were able to locate a witness that provided them with information related to the shooting, and through that, they created a direct link between the victim and the suspects,” Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix said.

Maughon and Munson have been charged with murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, battery, and criminal trespass. Davenport has been slapped with malice murder, battery, and criminal trespass. Dix noted, as reported by Law & Crime, “Because they all plotted and planned together and traveled to the location with the intent to commit a crime that led up to the murder together, they are all guilty just as if they had each pulled the trigger themselves.”

“They went to egg a house, the victim confronted them while they were doing it, he lost his life from him, and they drove off and left his body from him in the middle of the road. Together they bought that ticket; now, together, they can ride that ride,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the case has received a lot of attention online with a user commenting on Facebook, “It’s the ‘together they bought that ticket, now together they can ride that ride’ for me!!! No truer words!” Another user shared, “Dear God… Praying for every family affected in this horrific tragedy as well as with our first responders and CSI as they are see way to much of this… God Be With You All..”


“Praying for all lives lost. One at their hands and 3 in jail. So sad!! You don’t kill people! Know your circle !!” the third one shared. The fourth one added, “Rip to Tyler and prayers to all the families and your baby girl! Yall took a life to receive life! Hope yall like jail ’cause that looks close to a life sentence!”