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Josh Kruger On Monday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kruger was shot seven times in the chest and abdomen inside his home at around 1.28am.
Police were called to the residence and found the 39-year-old community advocate, who was later taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at 2.13am, per NBC News.

Kruger was known to advocate for the homeless population in Philadelphia, the LGBTQ community, and those dealing with addiction.

He wrote for The Philadelphia Citizen and The Philadelphia Inquirer and served under Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration in the Office of Homeless Services.

The journalist was also known to counsel local community members, and in a press conference on Friday, Philadelphia Police Department Lieutenant Hamilton Marshmond said the suspect in the case is believed to have known Kruger.
Cops identified the suspected shooter as Robert Edmond Davis, 19, and noted that Kruger might have been counseling him ahead of the incident.

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Josh Kruger Age is 39 years old.

‘Targeted’ at Philadelphia home five weeks before fatal shooting

“At this time we believe that Mr. Kruger was trying to help Mr. Davis, and they were acquaintances,” Marshmond told reporters.

“He was just trying to help him just get through life.”

The lieutenant said that Davis has yet to be apprehended and that he is to be considered armed and dangerous.

No further details on the relationship between the two were detailed, but questions surrounding the shooting remain.

Kruger claimed in a chilling Instagram post on August 29, several weeks before his death, that he was “targeted” after someone threw an object through the front window of his home.

“Yesterday afternoon, in a homophobic or other pathetic act, someone sent a heavy glass egg (?!) projectile through my front window,” the journalist wrote.

“It’s caused about $400 worth of damage.”

He added: “It was seemingly a targeted act.”

“If you recognize this car or driver please let me know.”

Included in the posting was an image of a black Dodge Ram 1500 with an unidentified person in the front seat.

Several users were quick to issue apologies to Kruger regarding the act of aggression.

“I’m so sorry. This is ridiculous,” one person wrote.

“What the hell?!!!” another said.

A third added: “I’m so sorry! Let me know how I can help.”

It’s unclear if the act is related to the shooting.

In the press conference on Friday, police revealed more information about evidence collected at Kruger’s home.

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They explained that the home did not appear to have been breached before Monday’s attack but couldn’t confirm whether or not the suspect, Davis, was living with him at the time.

Marshmond noted that security video footage showed Davis at the residence early on Monday.

Investigators still have yet to determine a possible motivation for the suspect.

“As to the why, I do not know at this time,” Marshmond explained.
The warrant for Davis’ arrest contains charges of murder and other undisclosed related offenses.


“We are also asking Mr. Davis to surrender himself to the police. Our goal is to have Mr. Davis taken into custody in a safe manner for the public, our officers, and himself,” the lieutenant said.