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Joshua Delbono, During a confrontation between two groups in Radstock, Somerset, Joshua Delbono repeatedly stabbed 16-year-old Charley Bates before leaving him to die and trying to hide the evidence of his crime.

A teenager who stabbed a 16-year-old boy to death following an argument over an alleged £20 debt has been sentenced to jail – after his mum rang the police to tell them he’d killed someone.

Joshua Delbono, 19, has been sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 21 years, for killing 16-year-old Charley Bates, after his mum courageously reported him.

In an emotional phone call shortly after midnight the following morning, she can be heard saying: “My son’s killed someone. He’s in my house now, I can’t let him go anywhere,” before handing the phone to her son.

On the call, he admits chucking away a knife, telling the police handler that he “launched it” before suggesting possible places it could be.


Joshua Delbono is 19 years old.


The shocking incident took place after a fight broke out between two groups in Somerset, where Delbono rushed Bates, stabbing him repeatedly with a five-inch blade before he fled.

But Delbono was only arrested when his mum called 999 on him after he returned to his home in Frome, Bristol, the trial heard.

She told the emergency handler that her son was there and added “I’ve told him I’ve got to do it,” and admitted she felt “sick” about the incident.

Following a two-week trial, he was found guilty by a jury after seven hours of deliberation.

Delbono admitted stabbing Charley but denied murder, claiming he had acted to defend a friend.

Charley’s family paid a heartbreaking tribute to the youngster, they said: “Our beautiful Charley boy. We are all so very proud of you. You are desperately missed by so many.”

During the trial, the jury heard that there was a history of bad blood between Charley and one of Delbono’s groups.

After insults were exchanged, the confrontation rapidly deteriorated into a fight during which Delbono got out of his vehicle with a five-inch blade and stabbed Charley several times, the jury heard.

Then, as Charley bled to death, near the Radstock’s library, Delbono allegedly shouted “Don’t mess with us again”, witnesses claimed but he denied this during the trial.

After fleeing the scene, Delbono drove to Shearwater Lake, near Warminster, Wiltshire, and disposed of the knife and burned some of his clothes – an act that was filmed by one of the group.

Despite initially saying no comment to police questions, Delbono later confessed to stabbing Charley in the heart.

In a prepared statement, he said: “I thought my friend was being stabbed – this caused me to react.

“I didn’t realize he was hurt. It was a chance encounter. I’m truly devastated Charley was fatally injured, it was never my intention,”.

Speaking in court, one of Charley’s friends recalled how he met him in Radstock before they went to the benches near the library car park.

The witness confirmed a number of young people were there, having a catch-up, and that he was aware of a disagreement Charley had had with a youth online, over an apparent £20 debt.

He also said he could not recall a girl pulling a knife from Charley’s bag before two cars pulled up and three of them approached one of the vehicles.

After speaking with one driver, Charley is then said to have agreed to fight one-on-one – it was this that Delbono interrupted to stab the victim.

But Delbono claimed that when his friend had gotten out of the car, three of the youths had attacked him.

Delbono lied to police at first, claiming a boy in a red T-shirt had been “slashing” at him with a blade, but he maintained that the boy in the red T-shirt had pulled up his top and revealed a knife handle there.

He also claimed that he didn’t know he had stabbed Charley.

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DCI Mark Almond said: “Our thoughts and sympathies remain with Charley’s family who has experienced unimaginable pain over the past nine months. They continue to grieve for Charley and we are offering them support through our specially-trained officers.

“Charley had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short by Joshua Delbono. The vigil held in his memory in Radstock in the days after this senseless tragedy highlights how his death affected the community and how popular a person he was.


“Such incidents are thankfully rare in Radstock, but the devastating consequences knife crime has on families and communities is clear for all to see and it is why we are committed to working with our partners to do all that we can to prevent more tragedies like this from happening.”