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Katherine Ryan has claimed there is a ‘dangerous comic’ working in British showbusiness during an appearance on Desert Island Discs.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 show, the comedian said she had ‘wrestled’ with the decision about whether to work with ‘someone who I believe to be a perpetrator of sexual assault’ or turn down jobs.

Ryan did not specify who she was talking about on Desert Island Discs. It comes weeks after Russell Brand was at the center of accusation of rape and sexual assault, which he denies.

The Canadian-born comic told host Lauren Laverne in a show recorded before the Brand plaintiff broke that although she believed the person ‘is or was dangerous’, she was willing to appear on a show with him.

The 40-year-old revealed that her ‘compromise’ was to go on the program with the unnamed comic but ‘let him know under no uncertain terms what I think of him.’

She added that she didn’t notice ‘much of a reaction’ from the comedian in question, but that other comics who were aware of the person’s reputation ‘really liked what I said’.

Ryan has been outspoken on the issue and is allegedly to have challenged 48-year-old Brand while they were co-hosting TV comedy show Roast Battle in 2018, making comments about him on camera which were later cut from the broadcast.

The episode, which was released today but was recorded on September 6, saw Ryan recall her journey from the city of Sarnia in Ontario, Canada, to become a regular on the British comedy circuit.

In the show host Laverne raised an interview Ryan had done with broadcaster Louis Theroux last year, in which she claimed to have confronted a male comedian over harassing of predatory behavior.

When asked why she decided to speak out in the first place, Ryan said she had received ‘a lot of pushback’ for not naming the man at the time.

She said: “[I got] a lot of “why won’t you say who it is?”. It’s because everyone knows who it is, what they want is the women’s names, and that’s what I won’t give and that’s why I’m reluctant.’

Katherine Ryan Age

Katherine Ryan Age is 40 years old.

Reveals there is ‘a dangerous comic’ in British showbusiness:

Ryan added: ‘No one’s asking for his name. It’s funny how people go straight to accusing “you’re the problem, you wo n’t give his name”.

‘We’re not the problem. I had a choice – I could go to work with someone who I believe to be a perpetrator of sexual assault or I could turn down the job. Those were my options.

‘And so I wrestled with that. I thought what am I meant to do in this instance? The choice is, do I go to work with someone who I think is very problematic, and do I stand near them and laugh and smile and look like I am allowing this kind of person to still be on television? ‘Or do I stay home?’

She added she believes this person ‘was or is dangerous’ but said she felt nothing would change if she stayed away from the program.

‘My compromise was I’m going to go and let him know under no uncertain terms what I think of him,’ she said.

‘I’m not just going to allow this behaviour, I’m not going to let him think that I don’t know and that everybody he works with is just going to let him get away with it.
‘So that is the attitude I took into the show.

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And did I do the right thing or the wrong thing? I still don’t know. But I just felt why should I stay home? ‘He should stay home, but if he’s going to be there, I’m going to be there to tell him what I think.’

When asked how the man in question responded, Ryan said there was no ‘obvious reaction’ from him.

She revealed that other comics ‘really liked what I said’ and they thought it was ‘funny and courageous’.

‘I think it’s the nuance, did I mean it or was I joking? But certainly the people who know, know that I wasn’t joking.’

Referring to the same confrontation, Ryan previously told Louis Theroux that she had confronted the unnamed man while they worked together on a TV show in front of the audience ‘again and again’.

Speaking in 2022, the 40-year-old said she had no qualms with doing so as she had decided to handle it ‘like a man’ – although the confrontation itself was later cut from the broadcast.

In her chat with Theroux, Ms Ryan claimed she had received criticism afterwards for not naming the person in question in public, but said just talking about him was a ‘litigious minefield’ as he had ‘very good lawyers’.

The comedian added that it was ‘not my story to tell’ but that she believed the accusations as the sources were ‘very credible’.

Earlier this month it was reported that Ryan repeatedly accused Russell Brand of being a ‘sexual predator’ during filming for his last major television job.

Brand was a judge on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle in 2018 but was only included for one season after Ryan allegedly roasted him on-camera about allegations he sexually assaulted women – which he fervently denied.

The comedian has been subject to claims from a number of women accusing him of abusive and predatory behaviour, including rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse, between 2006 and 2013.

The Metropolitan Police have also confirmed they are now investigating an alleged sexual assault in Soho in 2013 – three years before the took place three years before the four sexual assaults’ that Brand had already been accused of.

The comedian ‘absolutely denies’ the allegations and insists all his relationships have been consensual.

Roast Battle consists of comedians cracking jokes at each other’s expense. The first season included Brand, Ryan, and Jimmy Carr. Jonathan Ross replaced Brand for the second season.

During filming of the show – created by Fulwell 73 – Ryan reportedly fired allegations at Brand. Her comments did not make the aired show, according to Deadline.

Ryan’s confrontations allegedly revealed how comedians in the industry were openly talking about Brand’s sexual and predatory behaviour.

Brand was allegedly ‘absolutely furious’ after being targeted by Ryan on the show, a source told the paper.

Two other sources claimed he demanded that producers protect him from being roasted about these serious allegations.

Industry insiders have now revealed that they felt it was best Brand step down as a judge on the programme, and that ‘in the end, it came down to the fact that it seemed like Russell didn’t have a good sense of humour’.


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