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Keefe D The grand jury was held behind closed doors to decide whether or not to prosecute Keefe, 60, over Tupac’s murder – and jurors were given in-depth details of the gang wars that led up to the rapper’s killing in September 1996, a law enforcement source revealed.

Keefe was arrested and charged with murder on Friday, 27 years after the hip-hop legend was gunned down in Las Vegas in a drive-by shooting.

Compton gangster Keefe – real name Duane Davis – has made several public confessions about his role in the murder in media interviews and in his book.

The U.S. Sun first revealed how a grand jury was being held to decide whether the District Attorney had enough evidence to prosecute Keefe back in August – and sources said the former gangster could face an “imminent murder charge.”

Now a law enforcement source has revealed how former gangsters and police officers have given evidence against Keefe.

“The District Attorney and murder detectives have spent months collaborating witnesses and informers to build an over-arching picture of the entire circumstances leading to Tupac’s assassination,” the source told The U.S. Sun.

“The beginning of the rift between the East Coast and West Coast rap communities has played a key role in presenting to the jury what led to Tupac’s murder.

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Keefe D age is 60 years old.

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“Former gang members and members of law enforcement were contacted by Metro and have provided evidence and details on the reason that the Crips and the Bloods became security for the differing record labels and how there was a price or bounty put on the heads of Biggie, Tupac, and Suge Knight as matters escalated.

“The background was painted during grand jury sittings before the jury was presented Keefe’s role in that history.

“Essentially, it was a breakdown of how Keefe was brought in to be a henchman for the East Coast labels, and he was aware that there were opportunities to make money if Pac or Suge were ‘taken out.’

“After that, the police and DA presented a case of all of Keefe’s comments that he made in YouTube and media interviews where he boasted openly about his role aiding Orlando Anderson and procuring a gun and then hid the gun after the killing.

“The evidence has proven compelling enough for the DA to believe that they have a strong case against Keefe and the first step is to arrest him.”

Keefe was arrested and charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon on Friday morning, months after investigators raided a property in Las Vegas connected to the notorious gangster.

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He had previously bragged about how he was riding shotgun with the shooter Anderson and even passed him the gun before Tupac was assassinated, in his book and in interviews on documentaries and YouTube channels.

The grand jury indicted Keefe on Friday, Marc DiGiacomo, the Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County, said in a press conference, adding that the gangster was an “on-ground, on-site commander” who called for Tupac’s killing.

Grand juries are most often brought in for high-profile cases to help the DA determine the reaction of an independent jury to their evidence.

Police said Keefe is the “only living suspect” in the case.

“For 27 years, the family of Tupac Shakur has been waiting for justice,” Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill said following the arrest.

“While I know there have been many people who did not believe that the murder of Tupac Shakur was important to this police department, I’m here to tell you that is simply not the case.”


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