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Krista Heinze Sinor, a woman identified as the girlfriend of Jesse Calhoun, a “person of interest” in Portland serial killings, recently claimed that Calhoun had alleged links with two of the four female victims. Kristin Smith, Charity Perry, Bridget Webster and Ashley Real were all found dead across different locations in Oregon between February and May this year.

Following months of online speculation about the involvement of a possible serial killer in the murders, investigators finally mentioned earlier this month that the four deaths might be linked. More recently, Calhoun, who is dubbed a “career criminal” and is known for getting early prison release due to Covid concerns, was named as a possible suspect in the case. His alleged girlfriend, Sinor, is now claiming that Calhoun had alleged links to Real and Webster.

Sinor alleged that Calhoun was seeing Real on and off for about a year and that he was also providing Webster with drugs in exchange for sex, The Independent reported. However, Sinor said she does not know if Calhoun had any links to the other two victims, Smith and Perry.

“My first thought is that maybe a fentanyl overdose and he freaked out,” Sinor told YouTuber Velly Ray while speaking about her reaction to Calhoun being a possible serial killer. “He’s a family guy. He seems like a family guy. He’s really close with his family and he would do anything for them and stuff but like my kids… he loves my kids and my kids love him,” she stated.

During the interview, Sinor said that she did not suspect anything about Calhoun’s alleged connection to the Portland serial murders until law enforcement officials approached them while they were fueling up their vehicle on their way to meet a seller to buy an item on the marketplace site OfferUp. Sinor’s description was in line with a video obtained by KGW from a witness who filmed Calhoun’s arrest on June 6.

In the video, Calhoun and his girlfriend could be seen fueling up at a gas station on Southeast McLoughlin in Milwaukie. While not much is known about Sinor’s personal and professional life, from the interview it is confirmed that she is a mother to multiple children.


Krista Heinze Sinor’s age is unknown.

Has Jesse Calhoun been charged in the Portland serial murders case?

Calhoun was arrested on June 6 for a parole violation and was transferred to the Snake River Correctional Institution in Eastern Oregon for unrelated charges; he has not been charged in connection to the Portland serial killings. While he has been named the “person of interest” in the case, officials have not yet declared him as a suspect in the four mysterious deaths.

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As per court documents, Calhoun has extensive criminal records, including 2003 and 2008 convictions on charges of assault. He was also sentenced to four years on charges of burglary in 2019. He was reportedly granted a “conditional commutation” by then-Oregon Governor Kate Brown for his service as an inmate firefighter during the wildfires as well as Covid-19 concerns in prisons and given an early release in July 202 1.