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LaDonna McFadden, It has been revealed that convicted rapist Jesse McFadden said on April 30 “that he was not going back to prison, and that he had decided to kill himself,” according to new documents from the investigation. This reveals a possible motive for the murder-suicide.

McFadden died by suicide after allegedly shooting dead his wife Holly Guess, her three children – Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Michael James Mayo, and Tiffany Dore Guess – and their two friends, Ivy Webster and Brittany Brewer. A sheriff’s investigator told a judge in a request for a search warrant that the suspect reportedly spoke to his mom the evening of April 30, expressing his plans to kill himself, The Oklahoman reported.


LaDonna McFadden‘s age is unknown.

Jesse McFadden Told His Mom He Was Planning to ‘Kill Himself’ Before Murder-Suicide

Not much has been revealed about McFadden’s mom but she had previously said her “heart is breaking” for all the families involved. “I’ve not had any time to think about my son or anything like that,” his mother, Ladonna had previously told NBC News. “I can’t imagine what they went through.”

“I don’t understand it,” she added. “I never, ever, ever would have expected anything like this.” McFadden had reportedly lived with his mom in McAlester when he was released from prison on October 30, 2020.

Recent developments in the case revealed that the Sheriff’s Secretary who had McFadden on the sex offender list witnessed his wedding to Holly Guess a year later. His wedding was conducted by the jail chaplain. A year later, seven bodies, including his, were found on his property.

The information, released by NewsNation, has led to massive social media outrage. Police are already under fire for their handling of the case for allegedly failing to seize crucial evidence from the convicted rapist’s home. “Sheriff’s Secretary has McFadden on the sex offender list. A year later she witnesses the wedding. Her deputy son does one site visit. Another year later, bodies are found. Sheriff’s office closes the investigation without seizing the electronic devices. Why?” the Webster family’s lawyer Cameron Spradling wrote on Twitter.

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New records have also revealed that McFadden had ten violations while he was in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections custody, between 2004 and 2016. Yet, he was released from prison earlier than he was scheduled to be. His violations included sexual acts and intoxication.


McFadden was reportedly released early, after only 85 percent of his time, because he managed to bank enough credits through good behavior and hygiene. When he was found with a phone with child porn in it, he was only punished with thirty-day segregation and restricted visitation for having the phone. He was disciplined with his canteen, telephone, and visitation being restricted for 90 days.