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Lauren Giddings An upcoming crime documentary is set to unravel the chilling true story of a law student whose torso was found in a trash can after being strangled and dismembered.

Lauren Giddings’ partial remains were dumped near her apartment in Macon, Georgia, in June 2011.

It would later be discovered that the 27-year-old was killed by former college classmate and neighbor Stephen McDaniel who used a hacksaw to cut off her head and limbs in the bathtub.
Here, FEMAIL has laid bare the gruesome details ahead of Murder In The 21st’s episode about the case titled The Girl Next Door.
The horrific case began to unfold on June 24, 2011 when Lauren, who had graduated from Mercer Law School the month before, texted her friends to warn them she would be temporarily dropping off the radar.

She wrote: ‘Hey guys, I’m hunkering down to study for the bar. ‘Please don’t be offended if I don’t responded to texts or emails.’

Her close friend Katie and sister Kaitlyn attempted to check in on her via text in the days that followed but were met with constant silence.

The couple began to worry after three days passed without anyone being able to get hold of Lauren – and eventually decided to alert the local police.

In the meantime, another of her friends agreed to stop by the student’s apartment to check in using the spare key that was always left outside.

She reported that there was nothing unusual about the scene but that Lauren’s stuff had been ‘strewn everywhere’ because she was packing up and getting ready to move out.

Worryingly, she found Lauren’s purse, cell phone and car keys all left inside – indicating that she had not left voluntarily.

The searches became increasingly frantic until a gruesome discovery was made.
Lauren’s torso, which had been wrapped in a black garbage bag, was found dumped in a trash can near her apartment.

Lauren Giddings AgeĀ 

Lauren Giddings age is 27 years old.

Murder of law student

Following the harrowing find, Macon Police Chief Mike Burns spoke at a press conference during which he said: ‘I want to ask the public to help us with this investigation.

‘The victim was dismembered so if the public smells any kind of foul odor to please contact the police department.’

Word quickly spread and news crews descended on the scene.

Lauren’s former college classmate and next door neighbor, Stephen McDaniel, gave statements to media outlets at the time, stating: ‘She’s as nice as she can be she. Very personable. Very much a people person…

‘We don’t know where she is. The only thing we can think is that maybe she went to running and someone snatched her.’
Midway though his interview with WGXA, McDaniel was asked about the recently discovered remains, at which point his face went blank, he stuttered and then went to sit down.

Returning to speak to the camera just a short time later, McDaniel appeared to be fighting back the tears and, with his voice waving, asked: ‘Why would anyone do this?

‘If I saw something, maybe I could have helped.’

Lauren’s boyfriend David Vandiver was initially put under the spotlight until other details began to emerge.

McDaniel had not attended class around the time Lauren went missing and it was widely known that he owned a series of weapons.

Lauren’s mother described him as a ‘recluse’ who Lauren had ‘encouraged to come out with the class.’

McDaniel was then brought in to talk with police who obtained search warrants for his apartment and car which uncovered a whole heap of damning evidence.

They found a collection of knives and guns as well as spots of blood splattered on the walls and ceiling.

He had two keys set out on his dresser-one was a master key to the entire complex and the other was for Lauren’s apartment.

Police also found a stash of child pornography and a pair of Lauren’s underwear in his bedroom drawer.

There was a large bloody sheet in the laundry room of the apartment complex and a hacksaw with human flesh found in a store room – with the original packaging found in McDaniel’s apartment.
Authorities also found a camera that McDaniel had used to record Lauren in her apartment on the night that she was killed.

An examination of his body revealed a series of scratches on his abdomen.

Furthermore, officers obtained surveillance footage from a Walmart store three days before Lauren was murdered where he purchased plastic hooded ponchos and rope.

And his story soon began to unravel.

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McDaniel said that in the early hours of the morning he broke into Lauren’s apartment using the master key wearing an all-black ensemble including gloves and a mask that covered his face.

He stood watching her sleep but she woke up with a start before he leaped across the bed and put his hand around her throat.

The pair struggled and fell to the ground where Lauren was able to remove McDaniel’s mask, ‘recoiling in horror when she recognized him.’

She apparently agreed with him to stop but he continued to strangle her ‘for 15 minutes’ until she stopped moving.

McDaniel then dragged her lifeless body into the bathtub before leaving to his own apartment.

He returned later that evening with a hacksaw and cut up her body-removing her limbs and head.

The killer wrapped the parts in several trash bags before discarding them in a dumpster on campus.

He stashed her torso separately in the bin where it was found days later.

McDaniel said he ‘cut up’ the mask, gloves and shirt and flushed them down the toilet.

‘It’s difficult for me to explain why I killed Lauren and attempted to conceal my deed the way I did,’ McDaniel’s has since said.

He claimed to grieve daily but added that he did not expect forgiveness from her family.


McDaniel pleaded guilty to malice murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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