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Lori Milliron was convicted for helping her boyfriend and boss, Lawrence Rudolph, cover up the murder of his wife.

After a wealthy Pennsylvania dentist was convicted last year for murdering his wife on an African safari trip, his mistress has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for her role as ella in a cover-up of the slaying, according to federal court documents.

Lori Milliron, 65, was convicted last year on two counts of perjury, being an accessory to a murder after the fact and obstructing a grand jury for helping her 67-year-old boyfriend and boss, Lawrence Rudolph, cover up the murder of his 57-year-old wife, Bianca Rudolph.

“Lori, you have taken my parents,” Anabianca “Ana” Rudolph, Bianca and Lawrence’s daughter, said directly to Milliron at her Friday sentencing. “Despite everything you have done you will never take my soul. This might be difficult to understand… because you don’t have one.”


Lori Milliron is 65 years old.

Mistress of Dentist Who shot Wife – Charged

Milliron was charged alongside Rudolph for the 2016 murder of his wife of 34 years during a trip to Zambia. The dentist claimed after his wife’s death that she accidentally shot herself with a rifle while packing their belongings after a trip to Kafue National Park.

Prosecutors said otherwise, noting that Bianca could not have shot herself because the bullet wound to her heart de ella was consistent with a shot fired from 2.5 to 3 feet away from her body de ella.

Lawrence Rudolph was convicted in July 2022 of murdering her.

Milliron’s defense attorney, John Dill, told Fox News Digital that she plans to “appeal not only the sentencing but the underlying jury verdict” sometime this summer.

“The sentence for her de ella is excessive,” Dill said. “She’s convicted of, essentially, two counts of perjury, which form the basis of the accessory count. Obviously, [there is] a long of anger towards Dr. Rudolph and a lot of feelings about Dr. Rudolph bled over…to the trial and the sentence.

Dill added that there as an “implication” Milliron was directly involved in Bianca’s murder or the planning of her murder of her, which he said is not true.

“We know what the facts are, so we haven’t given up,” he said.

Milliron must also pay $250,000, which prosecutors argued was appropriate given the lavish lifestyle Rudolph’s dental assistant-turned-mistress lived over the course of their affair. Milliron’s defense team has noted that she raised three adult children with no child support and met Rudolph in the early 2000s.

Their “affair waxed and waned over twenty years and had been kept a secret from Rudolph’s children,” her attorneys said in a 2022 filing.

“The defendant received tens of thousands in cash before Bianca’s murder. After the murder, she had all of her needs satisfied as part of a cosseted lifestyle that involved international travel, long weekends at second and third homes in Cabo San Lucas and Idaho, ‘ regular’ status at an expensive steak restaurant, and a place by Rudolph’s side at a mansion in Arizona. The defendant self-reported having $10,000 in cash on hand at her arrest,” U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan said in a June statement.

The defendant also stayed at Mountain Shadows resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, while awaiting trial, and “[d]uring the trial, she used a company credit card for deluxe accommodations at the Denver Ritz-Carlton and other luxury hotels and ran up expensive tabs at area restaurants,” they wrote.

Ana Rudolph, however, said Friday that Milliron “plotted to eliminate” her mother seven years ago, and Judge William J. Martínez agreed, arguing that the defendant’s 17-year sentence was appropriate because evidence presented in a Denver County courtroom pointed to Milliron ” encouraging” the crime.

The judge added that Milliron seemed “unrepentant” while viewing evidence in court during her trial.

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Ana and her brother de ella, Julian, stood by their father de ella during his trial last year.

After his wife’s death, the dentist cashed in on about $4.8 million in life insurance policies a day before her funeral. He bought a house in Arizona with Millionron that same month.


Rudolph, who owned a successful dental franchise in Pittsburgh, had a net worth of $15 million that he did not want to split with his wife in the event of a divorce, according to prosecutors.

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