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Ma Operio A Chicago woman has died after having her neck zip-tied by a car jacker as he stole her Toyota, who left a note confessing to the attack saying he was ‘deeply sorry’.Ma Operio, 61, was found laying on the street outside her home in Harwood Heights, Illinois, last Wednesday with a zip tie around her neck after a carjacking.

According to police, eye witnesses said that they heard ‘grunts’ and observed a male wearing a black hoodie on top of Operio who was laying next to her Toyota Scion.The man, later identified as 24-year-old Reese Miller, then made off with the vehicle and left Operio unable to breathe with the zip tie still around her neck.

Miller was arrested after the vehicle was spotted and confessed to the crime, leaving a note in the vehicle which said: ‘I’m deeply sorry for hurting anyone at the moment, it seemed to be the only choice.’Operio’s mom Maria Gimeno has since came out and said she hoped what he did to her daughter happened to him also.

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Ma Operio Age is 53 years old.

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Cause Of Death

Operio later died from her injuries on Sunday after spending days on life support in a critical condition.Miller, who worked in a nearby bakery and was homeless, was read his Miranda warning which he waived and provided a statement to officers confessing to the crime.When police officers tracked him down, he was wearing the same clothes described by a witness at the scene and had scrapes on his hands and knees, with blood on his jeans.

Miller was also spotted on surveillance footage walking toward the victim’s home, wearing the same clothes just minutes before the attack.He was then charged with first degree murder and aggravated vehicular hijacking and following Operio’s death on Sunday police said they would pursue additional charges.Operio’s mom Maria Gimeno told WGNTV that her daughter had just returned from vacation in Texas when she was cleaning her car on Wednesday morning.

Gimeno told the outlet: ‘They said that when she was laying on the pavement she was already dead.’They revived her when they took her to the emergency room and then she was brain dead.’She was a great person, everybody loves her. I pray to god what happened to her happens to him.’ In a statement, Harwood Heights Police Department said: ‘The safety of the community, its residents and all stakeholders is of the utmost priority of the Harwood Heights Police Department.

‘At this time there are no other known threats to the community.’As the investigation is ongoing, anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Harwood Heights Police Department.’Miller appeared at Rolling Meadows Bond Court last Friday and the presiding judge denied bail.Operio’s family have since set up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses.



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