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Mackenzie Shirilla The parents of the young, innocent Ohio teenager killed in a deliberate 100mph horror crash are speaking out against his murderer for the first time since she was put behind bars.

Davion Flanagan, 19, died on July 31st after asking Mackenzie Shirilla to drive him home. Instead of taking him back to his parents’ house, she plowed into a building at 100mph in a twisted attempt to kill her boyfriend, who was also in the car, and presumably herself.

Davion was in the backseat and was killed instantly, along with Mackenzie’s boyfriend Dominic Russo. He survived the crash, and is now in prison. She’ll be eligible for parole in 15 years.

Davion’s adoptive parents, Scott and Jamie, remained silent throughout most of the trial.

Now they are sharing their disgust with Shirilla – a remorseless ‘bully’ – and what they believe to be her light sentence of 15 years.

‘Davion was such an amazing person-but she gave him no more consideration than a piece of luggage in the backseat,’ his mother, Jamie, says.

Despite being convicted of double murder, Mackenzie is serving her sentences for each charge at the same time. It means she will be eligible for parole when she is in her early thirties, with her entire life still ahead of her.

The Flanagan family says it’s inadequately considering her crimes, and her absolute lack of remorse.

‘There were two young men who died that night. But she’s serving the sentence for killing one person. Not two. ‘That’s hard to take,’ Scott says.

‘We’ll be talking about this again in 15 years, actually a little less because she’s done time already.

Mackenzie Shirilla Age

Mackenzie Shirilla age is 17 years old.

Remorseless bully Who Murdered our Son

‘But in 30 years, I’ll be in my late 70s and I’d still be there and my girls would be my age. ‘That feels a little more fair,’ Jamie said.

The couple does not want her to spend the rest of her life in prison. They are however hoping for any sign of accountability from her.

‘We have strong faith and Davion did as well. We are working on forgiveness but the complete lack of empathy or regard for his life is just shocking.

‘It’s hard. We don’t want vengeance but it’s also very difficult to forgive someone in denial. And she is very much in denial,’ she added.

To this day, Mackenzie claims it was an accident that she does not remember.

Surveillance footage shows her driving calmly, in control of her car, through various streets before gunning it into the building.

‘Accidents happen but this was clearly not an accident.

‘In the beginning we thought maybe OK, but as the picture started to be painted it was clear – our son was murdered,’ Scott says.

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Davion was eight when he was adopted out of the foster care system with his two younger sisters.

The siblings had spent two-and-a-half years bouncing between homes and were severely underweight. Their birth parents, drug addicted and involved in crime, were unable to care for them.

By the time he was taken in by Scott and Jamie, a pharmacist and business owner who’d always wanted to adopt rather than have their own biological children, he’d seen more than any child should.

‘He was the sweetest little boy, he had such a big heart. But he was guarded at first, ‘his father Scott tells DailyMail.com.

Whatever initial fears he had were quickly overcome and Davion, along with his sisters Davyne and Dalia, flourished under the love and care of his new parents.

After graduating from high school-where he was ‘everybody’s friend’-he was planning his future as a barber when he was mercilessly and senselessly killed.

While Davion was loved by everyone at school, Mackenzie had a reputation for being a bully.

‘My middle daughter knew her in school and she was very much a bully. Someone who would be interested in demeaning people and humiliating them.

‘She would tell people they should commit suicide when they were depressed. She was a narcissistic, not nice person, ‘he said.

Unbeknownst to the Flanagan family, Mackenzie and Dominic were in the throes of another of their lover’s tiffs.

What drove her to try to kill them all remains a mystery.

‘All Davion did was ask for a ride home.

‘Something exploded, from the time she turned calmly onto the street until her gunning it and crashing into the building.

‘Something happened and he was absolutely in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ his father Scott says.

‘It’s heartbreaking and hard to wrap your head around. The fact he was in that backseat.

‘The other boy did not deserve this either but our son was just really, he had nothing to do with the whole situation.

‘The callousness… how could someone do that?’ his mother says.

After the crash, the Flanagans say they received flowers from Shirilla’s family.

Mackenzie also sent a text to Davion’s mother and to his sister expressing condolences, but insisting the crash was an accident.

‘Other than what was said in court, we’ve never heard anything different.

‘That’s something that we are hoping changes. That maybe one day, she accepts responsibility.’

‘Just admit wha

you did and apologize for what you did, then start to change. We are people of faith. We’re hoping that Mackenzie has a change of heart and becomes a better person.

‘But the one we’ve seen up until this point is self-centered, selfish and narcissistic,’ Scott says.

In order to prove that it was a deliberate act of murder, prosecutors focused painfully on the relationship between Mackenzie and Dominic at trial.

It meant that Davion’s story was often overlooked and sometimes left out entirely.

When Mackenzie’s mother Natalie spoke at her sentencing hearing to beg for leniency, the judge had to remind her that she had killed two boys, not just her boyfriend.

‘We understood that they needed to paint the picture of the volatility, but at the same time, very much so we were in the background pushing and advocating for Davion.

‘Our son was in the backseat – but he was so much more than just ‘the other person in the backseat.’

‘We felt like he was n’t being talked about and his life is just as important and valuable as everyone else’s.

‘The words that the prosecutor used about Davion being nothing more than cargo to Mackenzie, those were kind of ripping off my words to him in a previous meeting where I got quite passionate about how he was being forgotten.

‘My son and children have suffered so much hardship and loss that they never should have and it’s because of other people’s selfish, irresponsible choices, from a very young age. This was another example of him suffering this,’ she said.
Now, the couple and their two daughters want to keep Davion’s legacy alive by setting up a memorial scholarship fund for the barber school he’d hoped to attend.

‘One thing he was very passionate about doing hair. He was the team barber for the varsity team and the coaches. He would cut everyone’s hair. He was self-taught, we got him the equipment and he watched YouTube and TikTok videos.

‘His dream was to open his own shop. He actually, I drove him down to the Allstate Barber College to pick up the application before the crash. He was in the process of applying when his life was taken from him.

‘So now, we want to send as many young men or women through that barber program as we can.’

The family is accepting donations via a GoFundMe page found here.

‘Davion would really enjoy this being his legacy. A chance to help others. A lot of time in the barber college, it’s kids from disadvantaged situations, not always but they usually need financial assistance to be able to go and follow their dreams.

‘To be able to help someone. Davion said we were his second chance, so to be able to give someone else the chance to pursue their dreams, he would love that, ‘his father says.

Mackenzie Shirilla is currently incarcerated in Ohio. She will not be eligible for parole until 2037.


‘For this reason the slander was full and repeated and the sentence against her cannot be revoked.’

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