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Maegan Hall, A former police officer who engaged in sexual relationships with numerous of her coworkers has filed a lawsuit; however, those she had relations with have retaliated, calling her out on having a “fetish” for certain races. Due to her extramarital relationships with six coworkers, Maegan Hall was fired from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee, earlier this year.

In a scandal that resulted in the dismissal of the police chief, and two additional officers, the married female officer went so far as to send graphic photos, have oral sex with two coworkers at a police station, and engaged in sexual behavior while on the job.

In February, Hall filed a lawsuit against the city, the police chief, and two of her superiors. Since then, the defendants have replied, with one officer — Lewis Powell — filing a countersuit.


Maegan Hall is 28 years old.

Ex-Cop Who Had Sex With 6 Co-Workers

Hall claimed that her managers manipulated her for their personal sex needs, but Powell retaliated by claiming that he was not Hall’s manager at the time of their consensual romance. In addition, he claimed that it was Hall who “began persistently flirting with him and pressuring him to engage in sexual relations with her.” The lawsuit added, “Hall appeared to have some sort of fetish for Powell based on race,” as reported by Dailystar.

Hall and her attorney have not yet addressed these accusations, but in February, they told News Channel 5 that her coworkers had taken advantage of her “vulnerabilities.” Hall said, “My supervisors worked together to take advantage of my vulnerabilities and mental health, and they used it for their gain and their sexual pleasure. They isolated me and shunned me. They accused me, and they blamed me for becoming a victim.”

Wesley Clark, her attorney, continued, “Maegan wasn’t looked at as a rookie cop to be trained and promoted. She was looked at like a piece of meat to be sexualized and exploited,” as reported by NewYork Post. Patrick Magliocco, a cop who was suspended after admitting Hall had engaged in a threesome with him and his wife, provided La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole with the tip that led to the initial discovery of Hall’s illicit antics, as per reports.

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Magliocco acknowledged having sex with Hall “on numerous occasions” in response to questions about the claims, as reported by HipHop Wired. Along with boasting about Powell’s “big black d***,” he said Hall told Powell to perform a sex act on her when the two of them were working a shift together. Powell initially denied having sex with Hall, but later admitted to the dalliance, saying that “everyone knows she has multiple partners.”


He eventually admitted to the affair in a follow-up interview after being found lying about going to the gym with Hall. Hall insisted that she and her husband, Jedidiah Hall, were in an open relationship, but the pastor’s son apparently disagreed with his wife’s polyamory. The 28-year-old ex-state park ranger ultimately made a choice to try and maintain his marriage despite the recent information about his wife’s illicit behavior. However, the defendants are currently requesting that a federal judge throw out Hall’s lawsuits. Later this month, a hearing has been planned, as per reports.