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A woman who stabbed her partner 22 times in the bathroom has admitted to the murder but will keep her name hidden for now. A 61-year-old woman appeared today by audiovisual link before Judge Cameron Mander in the Dunedin High Court, on the South Island of New Zealand. She pleaded guilty to the murder of Mark Henry Willis, 58, and was convicted, Stuff reported.

The provisional suppression of the woman’s name, which included her occupation and the place where she worked, continued until her sentencing on October 4. She was detained after reports of a death at her home in the Dunedin suburb of Tainui on May 18. The police Summary of events says the woman met Willis six years ago through an online dating site. She moved to Wellington to be with him.

Mark Henry Willis Age

Mark Henry Willis age is 58 years old:

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Cause of Death

The couple later headed south to settle in Dunedin about 17 months ago and bought a three-bedroom house in Tainui.
The summary of facts stated that her mental health de ella had deteriorated in the months leading up to the murder of ella and she was on sick leave. The night of the murder, Willis came home from work around 4:30 p.m. m. and, half an hour later, she went to bathe.

At that moment, his partner of hers, armed with a knife with a 10 cm blade, entered the bathroom and stabbed him 22 times, cutting him six times. One of those stab wounds severed an artery in Willis’s upper torso of hers. Four damaged his lungs and another his liver. Those stab wounds ranged from 1.1 to 11 centimeters in depth. At 5:15 p.m. m., the woman sent a message to her children from her through Facebook, saying: “I love you guys, I’m sorry for what I did.”

Two minutes later, she transferred NZ$45,000 ($41,500) from her bank account to one of her children. At 17:18 she called 111 and spoke to the police, admitting that she had stabbed her partner to death. She reported that the weapon was a knife and that it was in the bathroom.

Police arrived at the scene at 5:27 p.m. m. and arrested the woman, who was wearing a bloodstained blouse. She had several superficial cuts on her hands and fingers. The victim was found dead in the bathroom. The cause of death was attributed to blood loss as a result of the stab wounds.




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