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Mary Bailey Ten long years had passed since Priscilla told her then-11 year-daughter to pull the trigger and kill Wayne Wyers in February 1987 following yet another terrifying episode of domestic violence.

Wyers infuriated that his wife had loaned his car to a friend who proceeded to crash it, pulled a knife to Priscilla’s throat and was threatening sickening violence while smashing tables and throwing chairs.

His reign of terror was a daily occurrence, although on that fateful cold West Virginia night, his rage boiled like never before.

“She said if I didn’t kill him, he would have killed us all,” Mary tells The U.S. Sun ahead of the October 28 release of Would You Kill for Me?, a new Lifetime movie about her harrowing story.

Mary was instructed by her mother to shoot Wyers in the head with a rifle, but that was too much.

A single shot administered to the chest on the third attempt while Wyers was sleeping off yet another booze-fueled bout of rage was all she could muster before running upstairs and jumping into bed with her beloved grandmother.

“She was asleep,” recalls Mary. “But she woke up straight away, and when I told her what had happened, she couldn’t believe it.”

The situation, however, became very real, very quickly.

Priscilla, who gave birth to Mary as a 16 year-old before handing her off to her mother, called 911 and told them she’d shot her husband in a desperate act of self-defense-he was taken to hospital but passed away a few hours later.

Mary’s nightmare, which started as a four-year-old being beaten black and blue by her deranged step-father who even struck her grandma with such force he permanently damaged her hearing, was n’t over yet though.

Far from it. Once word had gotten around the following day, TV crews descended on their house in rural West Virginia.

Priscilla instructed Mary to tell the world the truth. That was her who pulled the trigger.

“That just doesn’t seem real,” she admitted. “I look at those pictures now, and I’m just broken, just a shell of who I am as a person.”

Mary Bailey Age

Mary Bailey Age is not clear.

Reveals emotional post-prison reunion with mother

Both were charged with murder, and Mary was taken into foster care before the charges against her were dropped after she agreed to testify against her mother.

Around 12 months later, she was reunited with her family, only this time there was a judge and jury on hand to decide their fate.

Priscilla was sentenced to life in prison (she was eligible for parole after 10 years) and Mary threw herself into studies and sports, which helped her grow as a person and took her mind off the shocking treatment administered by her parents.

She still had to live with the brutal reminders of what happened on that fateful night and the punishments that followed.

“My mother reminded me many years later that I was the reason she was in prison, even though I told the truth throughout the trial,” she admitted.

“She wrote a letter they made me read in court in which she wrote how I shouldn’t testify against her because it would send her to prison for the rest of her life.”

While Wyers was a nasty animal, once trapping Mary’s tiny fingers in a rat trap, Priscilla, sucked into the violent atmosphere created by her partner, indulged in her fair share of abuse too.

“One of the worst beatings I had was from her,” said Mary. “But I didn’t hate her, I always loved her. I just wanted a mom.”

Those caring sentiments remained during her mother’s decade-long incarceration, but once release time finally rolled around, Priscilla would only serve to disappoint Mary once again.


Mary had hoped that time behind the bars would serve as a period of reflection, a time to readjust her priorities and begin a new, happier phase of her life.

Nothing, however, could have been further from the truth.

Priscilla was still wild and unable to become the maternal, caring parent Mary yearned for.

“She just didn’t care,” she said with a sigh. “She was still rebellious.”

Her mother carried on with her wild ways, showing zero responsibility and even becoming pregnant again.

Mary fiercely questioned Priscilla’s actions – “I said why do you want more kids? So you can get a check from the government?” – but she carried on regardless.

The baby was still born yet Mary had endured enough.

She made a clean break from her mother and the past that haunted her, pitching up in North Carolina where she trained to be a nurse, and where she still lives with her husband.

She began a business selling medical scrubs – its been going strong now for 11 years – and was content with life.

After years of bottling up her pain, Mary penned a book about her nightmare – Mother’s Soldier – which she described as a “cathartic” experience.

And then, in 2020, a letter arrived out of the blue.

Finally after all those years and the shameful beatings, Priscilla uttered the words her heartbroken daughter longed to hear.

“She said she was sorry,” said Mary. “She did n’t want to make excuses but she said she tried to leave on many occasions but he would always threaten her.”

It was all she wanted. Mary had empathy with her mother’s situation, knowing full well there are thousands of people living in similar situations and suffering terribly today.

“I understand how hard it must be to get out of these scenarios,” she said.

“I know there’s a lot of people out here going to see the movie and read the book and think, actually, I’m in the same situation. It can’t end like this. And that’s the whole point. You’ve got “to make hard decisions – but handling your 11-year-old child a gun is not the answer.”

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Finally, after so much pain, mother and daughter were reunited. Mary was able to finally spend a Mother’s Day with Priscilla, taking her out to lunch and taking in a spot of shopping.

Sadly, eight months later, her mother succumbed to cancer, but having those final moments together was enough for Mary to finally forgive and move on.

“I just hope she found peace,” she said.

This weekend, Mary will host a viewing party at home with close friends watching the film about her harrowing past, which she admits she was “emotional” to work on in an advisory role.

Upon its release, Lifetime will also provide viewers with resources including the information for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.


“Writing the book started the healing process,” she concluded. “And helping with the film was wonderful. I’m in a better place now.”

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