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Matt Ratana, 25, was still handcuffed when he opened fire at Sergeant Matt Ratana after officers failed to find an antique revolver and holster believed to have been concealed under one of his armpits.

Louis De Zoysa, 25, said his ‘hypermobility’ de él allowed him to blast the 54-year-old even though his hands de él were cuffed behind his back de él.

IOPC said two officers ‘could have conducted a more thorough body search’, during which ammunition was found but not the firearm.


Matt Ratana died at the age of 25 years old.

Shot Dead in a Custody Block & Family Paying Tribute

The family of Matt Ratana have paid tribute to the ‘gentle giant’ as his killer. He was today convicted of murder after sneaking a revolver into a custody suite and shooting him.

A man who shot dead a Metropolitan Police custody sergeant after smuggling a gun into a holding cell has been found guilty of murder.

‘While the court case has concluded, the constant feeling of grief and loss continues.

‘My love for Matt, my gentle giant, will never end. He will never be forgotten.’

Luke Ratana, Matt Ratana’s son, who is a police officer in Australia, said: ‘Today, my father’s murderer has been convicted and I would like to acknowledge the suffering that has been caused to the people who knew my father.

‘I would like to pay tribute to his colleagues from him who were with him on the night he died and showed extraordinary bravery.

‘Although I do not know you, I hope this result can help you all to achieve a sense of closure and a small measure of peace.

‘I am deeply grateful for the tireless and diligent work of the Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Blackburn and his team. This case has been unique in its challenges and complexity.’

New Zealand-born Sgt Ratana was just two months away from retirement when he was killed in the early hours of 25 September 2020. He was the first cop ever killed inside a police station in the UK.


De Zoysa was arrested on the street and police officers found seven bullets on him and two bags of cannabis. But the search failed to detect the gun, which De Zoysa was still hiding in a holster under his armpit when he went into the Windmill Custody Center in Croydon.

De Zoysa claimed he was having an ‘autistic meltdown’ and did not deliberately shoot Sgt Ratana, which the jury disputed.

He had bought the gun at an online antiques auction in June 2020 and made the bullets himself on the farm where he lived.

One bullet hit Sgt Ratana in the chest while the fourth shot hit De Zoysa in the neck and he suffered a stroke which left him with severe brain damage.


During the investigation, there was no indication any police officer or staff member had behaved in a manner that would justify the bringing of disciplinary proceedings or had committed a criminal offence.

Jurors deliberated for just more than five hours over two days before unanimously convicting De Zoysa, who listened to the verdict sitting in a wheelchair in the secure glass-fronted dock.

He gave some of his evidence by writing and drawing on a court whiteboard and the trial was conducted in simplified language because of his brain injury.

They had been worried De Zoysa would ‘go bananas’ in custody before he killed the officer who had served in the Met since 1991.

De Zoysa denied murder but was convicted by a jury at Northampton Crown Court today.

Mr Justice Johnson will sentence De Zoysa on 27 July.

Defense barrister Imran Khan, KC, said he would request reports on whether De Zoysa should be detained in jail or hospital.

De Zoysa, a former UCL student and cannabis addict, claimed the gun had gone off by accident but laboratory tests showed this was not possible.

Jurors were given the chance to fire the revolver at the ceiling themselves in court to see how difficult it was to pull the trigger.

Analysis of De Zoysa’s devices revealed an interest in weaponry and violence including right wing extremism, Islamic extremism and homophobia.

De Zoysa, who is now wheelchair bound, had been traveling from his flat de él on a farm in Banstead, Surrey, to his parent’s house in Southwark in the middle of the night when he was stopped by police.

When the cannabis and bullets were found he was taken to the custody center in the back of a police van.

De Zoysa claimed he was stuttering with fear and ‘hyperventilating’ as he was taken though a tunnel into the custody suite.

He asked police officers if they were going to ‘zap’ him when he was taken into the police station.

In CCTV footage jurors saw Sgt Ratana tell De Zoysa: ‘Your detention’s not been authorized yet, but I can authorize a search of you under section 54 of PACE. Stand up.

As Sgt Ratana adds ‘Mate, you were good enough to…’ De Zoysa then jumps up and brings out the gun from around his right side of him.

The first shot hit Sgt Ratana in his chest, the second in his leg and the third hit the cell wall as Sgt Ratana’s colleges tried to restrain De Zoysa.

The first three shots were all fired within three seconds.

A fourth shot 16 seconds later hit De Zoysa in the neck before an officer kicked the gun away.

De Zoysa shot the gun with his right hand even though he was left handed.

The killer was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to the left side of his face, from his neck to above his ear.

Sgt Ratana died in hospital.

Body-worn footage played in court showed De Zoysa being stopped and searched in London Road, Norbury, south London, by officers, who removed items from his holdall de él and patted him down.

He was then put into the back of a police van and taken to the custody block in Windmill Road but officers failed to find a gun and holster which “were probably concealed under one of his armpits of him”, prosecutor Duncan Penny KC told the jury .

De Zoysa “retrieved” the weapon from a holster under his left arm de él, while handcuffed to the rear, as he was being transported to Windmill Road in a police van, prosecutors said.

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage suggests he managed to get hold of the gun with his right hand around 16 minutes before the shooting and then took advantage of a vent at the back of his overcoat to hide the weapon until the attack.

Footage also showed De Zoysa in the holding cell with Sgt Ratana and two other officers involved in his arrest and detention of him.

The first three shots were fired within three seconds at 2.09am, while the fourth came around 16 seconds later.

The footage showed officers pulling Sgt Ratana from the cell after the shooting.

Another officer pointed a Taser towards De Zoysa, who was taken to the ground moments after the gun was initially fired.

Sgt Ratana died of his injuries in hospital despite the efforts of medical staff.

His partner Su Bushby said outside court after the verdict: “Today is about justice for Matt.

“His life was taken too soon in the line of duty, doing a job that he loved-a cruel end to a lifetime of service and dedication protecting others.

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De Zoysa, who appeared in court during his trial in a wheelchair, gave evidence in a modified way because of communication difficulties caused by his brain damage.


He nodded when asked if he knew that Sgt Ratana had died and said he felt “sad” about it.

Jurors were told they had to consider whether De Zoysa deliberately fired the revolver and the question of diminished responsibility.

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